March 1, 2018

686026 Sweetstar, 35, Dumaguete, Philippines

Sweetstar, 35, Dumaguete

“I thank Christian Filipina, through you, I found the man of my dreams. You served as a bridge to us. I thank God for showing me the way, I’m so blessed and thankful for having Paul in my life. He is such a good person with a beautiful heart. To all who are still searching, good luck and don’t forget to pray and don’t give up. God will guide you to the right one if he is meant for you. God bless!”

-Sweetstar, 35, Dumaguete, Philippines





629404 Morris, 67, Ontario, Canada

Morris, 67, Ontario

“How do you thank Christian Filipina in helping you find a lifetime mate? Thank you a thousand times and thank God! I have married the most wonderful woman who loves me so much. I am so happy. Dreams do come true! And today at my age of 67, I learned that I am a soon-to-be father, it just keeps getting better! I am madly in love with my darling Nelle! I wish everyone to have the same success. Good luck, and God bless everyone!”

-Morris, 67, Ontario, Canada





378901 Anna, 36, Cebu, Philippines

Anna, 36, Cebu

“Thank God, I and the love of my life, Ricky, found each other. Thank you, Lord, for giving me a great man and I’m so happy I found him. Thank you, Christian Filipina for this site.  Thank you, my love Ricky, you make my life complete.  I can’t wait for the day that God will bless our love. I love you with all my heart and soul, My Forever.”

-Anna, 36, Cebu, Philippines





721347 Mercy, 54, Pangasinan, Philippines

Mercy, 54, Pangasinan


“I already met the man God reserved for me here in Christian Filipina. Blessed be the name of the Lord Jesus! Amen!”

-Mercy, 54, Pangasinan, Philippines






567455 Rodalyn, 31, Manila, Philippines

Rodalyn, 31, Manila


“I’m not searching anymore! Good luck to all of you!”

-Rodalyn, 31, Manila, Philippines







By Christian Filipina staff

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