June 10, 2013


Marian, 32, Palawan, PH

Marian, 32, Palawan, PH


“I just want to thank God. My search is over. I found the love of my life at Christian Filipina. He visited me on April 14th, we were together on my birthday. We love each other so much.”

–from Marian, 32, Palawan, PH








Steinar, 6, Norway

Steinar, 61, Norway


“I have been so lucky to find my future love here at Christian Filipina. So all i can say is thank you to you all.”

–From Steinar, 61, Norway








William, 50, Idaho, USA


“Thank you ChristianFilipina.com! I will not need to share who I am anymore with anyone on this site. I have found the person I have been searching for and will save my self for only that person, and God willing He will Bless both of us together.”

–from William, 50, Idaho, USA







Andrew, 48, New Zealand

Andrew, 48, New Zealand

“Thank you for your christian dating site which I have enjoyed over the many months that I have been a member because it has been fun meeting others and interacting with them at various levels. I’m so glad your site has very high Godly standards. Also your support staff are very good- always supportive, polite, patient and just nice to deal with. Since joining CF I have become interested in two women who I have been communicating with further after exchanging our personal emails. Also thank you for making your site more interesting and fun with all the additional articles of interest and advice. God bless you your family and staff as you remain in Gods will in all the things you do; again CF is great.”

–from Andrew, 48, New Zealand







David, 48, Iowa, USA

David, 48, Iowa, USA


“I would like to thank you from the deepest part of my heart for helping me find a pen pal and possible partner. ”

–From David, 48, Iowa, USA







Michelle, 32, Pampanga, PH

Michelle, 32, Pampanga, PH


“Greeting’s in the name of our LORD JESUS CHRIST. I just want to thank God for granting my long time prayer to have a partners in life in His way. Thank you CHRISTIAN FILIPINA! I have met my true love, my fiancee. God bless your website.”

–From Michelle, 32, Pampanga, PH






By Christian Filipina staff

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