Jun 16, 2022

1533911 Toussaint, 61, Sutter Creek, California, United States

Toussaint, 61, Sutter Creek, California


“I have found someone. Thank you for your support!”

 -Toussaint, 61, Sutter Creek, California, United States






871301 Ed, 73, Bridgeville, Delaware, United States

Ed, 73, Bridgeville, Delaware

“Dear Christian Filipina Staff,

I write today to deliver my testimonial and to give a lionhearted thanks for all that the staff has done for me.

First, thanks for helping me set up my profile and getting online where I could communicate with the ladies that were looking to meet the love of their life and beyond an exciting future. Thanks for the instructions on navigating the system and approaching the ladies. One valuable asset was having patience and to keep looking and talking. I had my best interaction when I stopped looking and asked God to find the best soulmate for me. I promised to accept wholeheartedly the woman that God presented to me as my wife. When I was obedient in my faith and trusted God I found my wife and I knew she was for me long before she and her family realized our destiny.

I went to the section of the website to see the women that were active online and began looking at their profiles and winking at the ones that I found interesting. I used this practice after being on the website for nearly 18 months. I wasn’t looking for the most beautiful, attractive and pleasing to the eyes woman. I wanted a committed to the Lord, Christian woman that loved God first and me second. I wanted a Proverbs 31:10 woman and I trusted God to answer my prayer. I’m thankful that I have a prayer warrior wife and best friend. God gave me want I needed and that is the blessing I wanted.

I spent seven (7) months getting to know Bheng (her CF name) and her family before I visited the Philippines on September 25, 2019 and was married on October 18, 2019, in the Philippines. My wife, Jezelle D. Cooke and I enjoyed a two month stay in city of Bacolod, I spent time with my new family, my new church family and I can’t wait until the immigration process is complete and Jezelle joins me in Felton, Delaware in the United States of America.

I have attached a few photos that were taken while I was visiting in the Philippines.”


                                            -Ed, 73, Bridgeville, Delaware, United States



1819982 David, 58, Barling, Arkansas, United States

David, 58, Barling, Arkansas,


“I did get married to a girl from Christian Filipina! Her name is Aillen Geraldino, and her nickname is Aimee. We treat each other good. We got married on April 22, 2022. Thank you for bringing us together!”

-David, 58, Barling, Arkansas, United States




By Christian Filipina staff

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