July 17, 2016

334070 Renelyn, 26, Butuan, Philippines

Renelyn, 26, Butuan


“Married on Dec 15th to a nice man I met here in Christian Filipina! Thank you for this site!”

-Renelyn, 26, Butuan, Philippines





58675 Lorna, 35, Cebu, Philippines

Lorna, 35, Cebu

“I already found and got engaged to Tim, the one that I have been searching for, in Christian Filipina. We both worked hard in developing our relationship from friendship to love and engagement. For those of you who are still looking, I’d suggest you check your profile daily. It’s a fast moving world in the internet and if you don’t participate in a regular basis you could end up feeling empty. God bless you all!”

-Lorna, 35, Cebu, Philippines




613192 Oscar, 66, Florida, USA

Oscar, 66, Florida

“I want to thank Christian Filipina for helping me find the woman of my dreams. Shiony is the most beautiful, kind, and loving woman I have ever met. The more I learn about her, the more I find such an amazing woman. We started with a wink and her wonderful message on April 12, 2016. Then we went with video calls when we can. I found myself wanting to know more about this amazing lady each time we made contact . From then on, we have made great strides in our relationship, and even making plans to meet her and her family. We both are getting excited as our dreams will become a reality. I want to share my love for Shiony with the world! I want to also reach out to all the wonderful women that have sent me a wink or a message, and say thank you for your kindness, but I have now found my soul mate. I am committed to the special angel God has sent to me! Thank you again Christian Filipina, for providing this wonderful Christian dating site, and in helping us all find our life partners. Wishing all the members the best to find their soul mate here as I have. God Bless you all!”

-Oscar, 66, Florida, USA



412780 Emelyn, 31, Bulacan, Philippines

Emelyn, 31, Bulacan


“Thank you so much, Christian Filipina! Through CF, I met my love and I thank the Lord because he praises God and His ministry. God bless you!”

-Emelyn, 31, Bulacan, Philippines





508349 Ailene, 31, Davao, Philippines

Ailene, 31, Davao


“I am now in a relationship with a great man, a wonderful creation of God, Marc. I found the best love of my life. Thank you Christian Filipina!”

-Ailene, 31, Davao, Philippines




By Christian Filipina staff

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