July 10, 2016

556520 John, 51, La Union, Philippines

John, 51, La Union

“Thanks to Christian Filipina for being a wonderful website. If you are searching for your perfect mate, I would suggest that you do as I have done. Pray first! Ask the Father to lead you to His choice. This is what I did. I did not want to build many relationships and wanted only to meet the Father’s choice. And I met her here in Christian Filipina. She is the first and only lady from this site that I built any relations with. After two months of communicating with her online, I visited her in person and we had a date. I also went to church with her and while we were there, a guest singer sang an allegorical song about a man searching for his wife. The refrain of the song goes, “be my wife, be my wife, be my wife”. I knew right then, she is the chosen one for me. We had many other signs from heaven, it was a work of God. I continued to visit her occasionally, until I finally moved to her city. We had lots of time together but we refused to kiss on the lips until our wedding day so that we can stand without shame before God and man. We married on May 17, 2016. Many thanks to Christian Filipina!”

-John, 51, La Union, Philippines


215167 Inday, 39, Manila, Philippines

Inday, 39, Manila

“I have spent my life searching for my forevermore, until I found Johnny. We got married on May 31, 2016. I would like to say thanks to my best friend Beverly, a co-worker at one of the biggest companies in Dubai, for introducing me to Christian Filipina. Because of this site, I’ve found him — my true love, my best friend and my loving husband. I will recommend Christian Filipina to all the women who are looking for their destiny.”

-Inday, 39, Manila, Philippines




631302 Nemia, 53, Bacolod, Philippines

Nemia, 53, Bacolod

“I wish to thank Christian Filipina for this wonderful privilege of knowing people from different parts of the world. I have known mostly good people and some have become my friends.  They gave me the chance to talk, laugh and share my feelings and emotions with them. Most of all, I thank God for I have found a man whom I believe is “my heart’s desire”, and whom I believe I will spend the rest of my life with. Thank you again everyone. Be blessed!”

-Nemia, 53, Bacolod, Philippines




589968 Irish, 27, Makati, Philippines

Irish, 27, Makati


“I found him already, the person who inspires me and the reason I smile everyday. He’s the perfect description of the man I am looking for. Thank you, Christian Filipina!”

-Irish, 27, Makati, Philippines




503238 Madonna, 25, Bacolod, Philippines

Madonna, 25, Bacolod

“I thank God for the all the blessings that he showered me, that I finally found the perfect guy for me. He’s the one the I’ve been searching for all my life and now that I found him, I don’t want to let him go. I also would like to thank Christian Filipina because it led me to my forever. Good luck to all those who are seeking for the love of their life! Have faith and never lose hope.”

-Madonna, 25, Bacolod, Philippines




By Christian Filipina staff

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