January 30, 2024

Angel & Rechel

“The process of my K1 Visa at Filipino Visa is smooth and fast. All the staff is very accommodating and very approachable.”

– Angel & Rechel
K1 Petition / January 30, 2024








James & Lea

Thank you for the patience and for a good assistance in every steps and processing we’ve been through. Continue helping to those who chooses Filipino Visa. All the staff and employees are very accommodating and very welcoming. Thank you so much and may God bless you all.

Take care everyone!

– James & Lea
K1 Petition / January 30, 2024






Kerry & Jenefer

“I just want to say thank you to the Filipino Visa especially to Ma’am Maureen who’s there with me since from the start till I get approved. For all the staffs also who helped to get through all of these. Thank you so much for everything. Godbless.”

– Kerry & Jenefer
K1 Petition / January 30, 2024








Johny & Emma

“I, Maxima Jantar would like to thank Filipino Visa for your excellent service. My k1 visa is approved.

NOTE: Special thanks to hardworking Anthony De Rueda. You’re tha best.

God bless you!”

– Johny & Emma
K1 Petition / January 30, 2024







Lee and Emilyn

“Maraming salamat po sa Filipino Visa sa pag assist at pag aayos ng mga documents para sa k1 visa. Npakalaking tulong po ng company niyo. Maraming salamat po kay Ms. Maureen sa palaging pag update at sa mahabang pasensya niya sa amin ni Fiance. Salamat din po kay Ms. Angie sa mock interview. Salamat din po sa mga taga hatid at sundo. Godbless po. Visa approved!”

– Lee and Emilyn
K1 Petition / January 30, 2024







Steve & Hazel

Filipino Visa helped a lot in assisting me and my fiance with all the requirements needed. From forms, payments and support all throughout the process. Less stress in our part knowing that someoneis helping us.
Thank you to Filipino Visa. They are very good answering our question

– Steve & Hazel
K1 Petition / January 30, 2024








Richard & Michelle

I would like to thank the Filipino Visa and its staff for the all package assistance from day 1 until my interview. They are always there to assist me without their helps I wouldn’t know if i can make it faster.
Godbless Filipino Visa!

– Richard & Michelle
K1 Petition / January 30, 2024








Timothy & Catherine

Thank you Filipino Visa sa pagtulong sa pag p[rocess ng application simula nong una hanggang sa final.
Very accommodating. All the staff are friendly. Especially sa aming agent na si Mr. Green Panis. Thank you and Godbless!

– Timothy & Catherine
K1 Petition / January 30, 2024








Marty & Ma. Corazon

“Thank you so much to Ms. Nikka for helping me with my Visa application. Also the other staff were so friendly and they assisted me very well. Thank you to Filipino Visa, God bless!”

– Marty & Ma. Corazon
K1 Petition / January 30, 2024









Thomas & Lovely

“I am supper blessed today because I got my Visa approved! Thank you so much sir Anthony for helping me to process my Visa application. Also, to all the staff that is very approachable.

A trillion thanks to this Agency and staff!”

– Thomas & Lovely
K1 Petition / January 30, 2024








Eric & Mary Jane

“We started the process in April 2022 and after 2 years we finally getting our Visa. Filipino Visa has been a big help through the process. There’s many curveballs in this process. We are grateful it is over and we can finally move to the US. Also we help with K2 Visa for my son.”

– Eric & Mary Jane
K1 Petition / January 30, 2024








By Christian Filipina staff

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