January 16, 2024

Charles & Raquel

“To Ms. Maureen,

Thank you so much for being the most genuine person we’ve known. The person who assisted us until we’ve got approved. You are one of a kind, you treat me like a sister, listening to my problems. I almost give up but you are there to find solutions from the bottom of my heart, thank you so much again. We love you Ms. Maureen.”

– Charles & Raquel
K1 Petition / January 16, 2024







Scott & Irene

Filipino Visa has been there since day 1. From initial filing till my mock interview. We truly appreciate all your help especially to Ms. Marygail, Ms. Melani, Ms. Angie and all the staff who prepared me till I passed the embassy interview.

Once again, thank you for everything you do. My fiance and I appreciate all the guidance and help we got from each and everyone who works in FV.

Maraming salamat and more power!“

– Scott & Irene
K1 Petition / January 16, 2024






Donalds & Damiana

“Maraming maraming salamat po sa mababait po agentsat office personnel na nag a-assist sa mga kagaya ko na nag a-apply ng K1 Visa. Always grateful to have you who guided me with all my documents.”

– Donalds & Damiana
K1 Petition / January 16, 2024










William & Cris

“I would like to thank to all the staff of Filipino Visa who assisted me from the day we started our Visa application journey. Thank you so much ma’am Ruth, you’re the best!”

– William & Cris
K1 Petition / January 16, 2024









Michael & Ebenezer

“To all the agent who assisted me to process all the documents, again, thank you so much! It cannot be easy done without your help. Especially to our almighty Father, I’m so much thankful.

To Ms. Muareen, thank you so much, you’re the best!

To God be the Glory”.”

– Michael & Ebenezer
K1 Petition / January 16, 2024







Eduardo & Delilah

“I would like to to thank Filipino Visa staff for assisting us from the start of K1 Visa process up to the embassy. I would like thank as well Mr. Seej for being so patient with us. Again, many thanks Filipino Visa staff!”

– Eduardo & Delilah
K1 Petition / January 16, 2024









Timothy & Aiza

I would like to extend my gratitude to Filipino Visa staff/personels kasi tinulungan nila ako sa aking visa process. I am so much happy because my visa was approved. Special thanks to Miss Maureen for helping me to my journey. Thank you and more power.

– Timothy & Aiza
K1 Petition / January 16, 2024









Jeremy & Ronielyn

I want to thank to Filipino Visa for giving me full support and assisting for this journey of filing K1 visa. I appreciate the effort of Mr. Miguel for assisting and guiding to my documents.

To the front desk who is really approachable everytime we visit the office (Nico). Thank you very much Filipino Visa.

–  Jeremy & Ronielyn
K1 Petition / January 16, 2024








Bruce & Cyril

Thanks a lot Filipino Visa for the assistance since the day we started. Everything runs smoothly and the process went so easy because of your service. To God be the glory.

– Bruce & Cyril
K1 Petition / January 16, 2024









William & Stephany

To all my Filipino Visa coordinators, ground assistant, and travel assistant, I would like to say my sincere thank you for all the help that you have done while I’m doing all my papers, without you Filipino Visa I can’t do it by myself. Thank you so much for all the care, support and love to your clients. May the Lord God bless you more and many people pa ang matulungan niyo po. Thank you and Godbless.

– William & Stephany
K1 Petition / January 16, 2024








William & Yolanda

“Thank you to all the staff of Filipino Visa for assisting me and always sent me an update about my application status from start to finished. To those who need assistance to process their Visa to the US you can always contact Filipino Visa as they’re one of the best. Special thanks to sir KJ for always there to help and guide me with my Visa petition. God bless!”

– William & Yolanda
K1 Petition / January 16, 2024








By Christian Filipina staff

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