Prentice and Maria Worley: Finding and Keeping Filipinas

Most men looking for Filipino brides have no idea where to go or what to do. This is especially true for men who are looking to find a wife through online dating. There are, however, many sites that feature Asian brides, but one that clearly stands out above the rest is This site is home to several touching love stories — probably none more so than the one you are about to read.

Prentice is a retired pastor and a widower with two sons. His first wife died of cancer after 49 years of marriage. Maria is a Filipina girl with a sweet disposition and a heart of gold. So how did these two people from opposite sides of the world and such different backgrounds get to meet? It just happened that Prentice went online and found this great website and finally met the person who would be his wife. But this love story wasn’t a bed of roses. Skepticism from their friends on both sides made them look deep into their hearts and ask God if this was really his plan; they found out in the end that it indeed was. For Prentice, it was his drive to find a wife that finally led him to Maria, and for her, it was the daunting but attractive prospect of finding true love in her life.

Prentice has a lot of great things to say about the website. He wanted to know how to find a wife but his focus was to find a wife with strong Christian values — that’s exactly what he found in Maria. For this reason, he has become a strong advocate of the website, advising Filipina singles to just be online, be available and be accessible so you can meet the person who is right for you. Although Prentice and Maria’s story is touching, it is not unique for this website that has gotten several couples together and continues to grow stronger each day. If you have a need to find a wife, or just want to meet some Asian women who might just become your life partner, then is the place you want to be. As Prentice says, just get online, be available and be accessible — this advice is true not only for Filipina singles, but also men who are looking for true love online. So why not get online and see what you can find — judge for yourself if what Prentice and Maria and other couples have is right for you.

By Christian Filipina staff

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