February 24,2014

Sharon,28, Philippines


“Hi to all. I want to say thank you to Christian Filipina because I found my very good christian husband here. Thank you and more power to your website”.







Ann,27, Philippines


“I  found my Philip Edwin Cunanan. He’s amazing and I love him so much. we’ll be posting photos of our upcoming wedding. more power and thank you”.







Lorecell,28, Philippines


“Hello CF staff I would like to say..thank you so much in ur site i find a mr right man in here. And we get engage and planning for our married.. I want my partner trust me, even i don’t have any bad intention to stay in here. Thank you so much in this site..”.






Ann,23 Philippines


“I found already my right one and now were planning to get my fiancee visa his name is patrick bartlette and  thank you more power for this site..god bless”.







Jz,31 Philippines


“I take this chance to say thank you for letting me signed in your awesome site.Thank you for the cares and updates.I hope and pray to soon meet my partner here. God Bless and more power!”.






Laila,45, Philippines


“I have met my special someone on your site. Thank you”.







Steve,54, WA,USA

 “I’m a very giving person and I’ve been looking for someone similar. Along the way I’ve been impressed by the Philippine friends I have in America, yet none of them is available. Being a Christian it’s only natural that I eventually found Christian Filipina. That was only a month ago and I’ve been very pleased to meet some of the ladies online at your site. It couldn’t be more difficult to choose from a wealth of candidates, and yet I’ve struck gold with a very precious woman who will also have me for her soulmate.

All the advice and guidelines that CF provides are priceless. No barrier is insurmountable, and your staff does an excellent job of providing solutions in paving the way for a meaningful relationship to emerge.       A lot can be said of the Filipino people too as my future bride received her flowers and chocolates on             Valentine’s Day, right on time. We both look forward to a terrific future together thanks to Christian                                                 Filipina!”.
–Steve,54, WA,USA



Philip,57, United States


“I finally met “the One”. Thank you and Godbless”.


–Philip,57,  United States





Tai,56, Australia

“Thank you for your email … We (Myself and Pinky) are doing very well although we are still waiting for visa processes to begin, but again I just want to thank you for your services and thank God for the perfect timing of mine and Pinkys meeting on your Site. I have been to Philippines three times now and enjoyed every moment with Pinky and her Family and Church Family as well. Things are developing nicely. I have had the opportunity to visit many Resorts like, Bermuda, Mambukal, Campuestohan, and of course Boracay where

Pinky and I did, Parasailing, Helicopter Flight, Underwater Diving, Island Hopping etc … best time of my life. I have met many of her Teacher Colleague Friends and her Mother and Brothers and Sisters and                  Nephews  and Nieces. My last trip there, I had Christmas and New Years there, so again, thank you so  much. We are  engaged to get married, civil wedding first then Church celebration later. God Bless You and   Thank  You!”.

–Tai TeRiini (Happy New Zealander living in Australia)




Tommy,44, United States


“Found someone here this is a great site!”.


–Tommy,44, United States






Dr. K,56,NY,USA

“It is my pleasure to say that I had find the love of my life at Christian Filipina on Dec 26, 2013. I had visited Miss Ailyn Bagares, #171854 in Manila and we were getting to know each other and we hit it off really well. We talked everyday and we had fallen in love.
Another wonderful thing is that we are both believes of the Almighty Father.I appreciate a dating site, like Christian Filipina that was available to me and if it wasn’t for Christian Filipina. I would not have met my future bride.”

–Dr. K,56,NY,USA

By Christian Filipina staff

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