February 20, 2013


Myrna, 55, Italy

Myrna, 55, Italy

“I believe that people in your site are true and they exist.Maybe not all, BUT many are GOD fearing people,which i know one day i could find my half which i’d been waiting to come in my life sooner thru GOD’s perfect time.I believe by faith in Christ my time will come and i claim tru faith in JESUS CHRIST that the best is yet to come in one’s life.GOD never fails.Just continue to believe for that great day to happen.”THE TURNING POINT IN LIFE”!.

THANK YOU Christian filipina.com for your love and patience and sacrifice for people like us.Personally,I believe in your website.GOD Bless you all!”

—from Myrna, 55, Italy




Clarry, 62, Australia


” I have found the woman of my dreams!”

— from Clarry, 62, Australia







Ging, 36, PH


” Thanks God have this site, I meet someone by power of words of God in my prayer and faith, my special someone is come visit me here in Philippines.”

–from Ging, 36, General Santos City, Philippines






Lyn, 41, Pangasinan, PH


“Hello! Have a  Blessed greeting to all of you and first I thank God this web site and I really Blessed because I am a Christian… And I thank God I found this website ….”

–from Lyn, 41, Pangasinan, PH






Mike, 60, Kansas, USA

 ” I am from the USA. Being on this site has given me a opening of how great some women on CF are. I have talked to some wonderful women on the site and have gotten a great insite of how good most women in the Philippines are. Being on  CF site I have talked to some women and have decipled some that had no idea about Salvation and who Jesus Christ is. I plan on meeting a few when I go to the Philippines. I pray that when I meet the ones I have talked to I may find the women I would like to get married to. Do to CF site I would not have had the blessing of being able to meet someone I may get married to that will be equal YOKED with me in the Lord.”

—from Mike, 60, Kansas, USA



By Christian Filipina staff

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