February 13, 2024

Paper & Winnieca

“Thank you for the help and preparing me in my interview it helps me a lot and to my requirements. Its very helpful. Best recommended this agency.”

– Paper & Winnieca
K1 Petition / February 13, 2024









Craig & Ednalyn

“It was a great and wonderful time having Filipino visa with me. To my Fiance for the K1 journey process, it was smooth and good process up to the visa approval. Thank you sir Jerome for the assistance you are such a good one sir. Good job!”

– Craig & Ednalyn
K1 / February 13, 2024









Richard & Judith

“My experience I feel so nervopus nung sa step 1 pa lang kinabahan na ako. At pagka huli kasi may tinitingnan pa and papeles ko. Im so thankful kasi approved na po. Thank you Ms. Kyla Parungo.”

– Richard & Judith
K1 / February 13, 2024










Jeffery & Charina

“First, Filipino Visa was a great company, has a great people and very entertaining. Since day 1 they not leave me. The coordinator Maam Chole and to all people work here and service was all great. Thank you so much guys and Godbless us all.”

– Jeffery & Charina
K1 Petition / February 13, 2024









Stephen & John Albert

“Dear Filipino Visa and Cherie, thank you so much for being our agent for helping us all throughout the process. More clients to you. God bless everyone!.”

– Stephen & John Albert
K1 / February 13, 2024










James & Cheryl

“Thank you Filipino Visa and the staff who assist our papers. They are so kind, approachable and they do their best to guide about papers work. Thank you very much maam Kyla Parungo for assist us. and Filipino Visa had a good service. Love the service.”

– James & Cheryl
K1 Petition / February 13, 2024









Jacky & Katrina


“I am very thankful for the staffs they are so hands on in their clients. For Mr. KJ, who helped me all throughout the process, Than you so much sir!”

– Jacky & Katrina
K1 / February 13, 2024









Robert & Jenny Joy

“All Glory to God! I would like to say thank you to Filipino Visa for helping us prepare the documents, appointments schedules until the interview day. Me and my fiancé appreciate your hardwork guys and that we are so happy that we finally made it.”

– Robert & Jenny Joy
K1 / February 13, 2024









Sean & Manilyn

“Thank you for helping, assisting, and accommodating us. To Ms. Angelique Villarama and to sir KJ for helping us prepare all the documents needed for my application and for ensuring that everything is okay. To the transportation team maraming salamat sa lahat din sa walang sawang pag hatid sundo. God bless you all!”

– Sean & Manilyn
K1 Petition / February 13, 2024








Bobby & Julie Anne

“To Filipino Visa, First of all thank you so much for your tremendous efforts on consolidating our documents. I want to commend the outmost dedication of Ms. Jhacie on completing our papers. Thank you so much for your exemplar work ethics. You have been very patient with us and approach us with professionalism and promptness. May God bless you and more power! The comfort provided by Filipino Visa contributes to the success of our journey for our Visa to be approved. The staffs are very friendly and accommodating. More power to your business!”

– Bobby & Julie Anne
K1 / February 13, 2024






Christopher & Mildred

“Thank you to all Filipino Visa staff for assisting us all throughout the process.”

– Christopher & Mildred
K1 Petition / February 13, 2024











Donald Raymond & Myla

“I would like to thank Filipino Visa for making my K1 Visa successfully approved.”

– Donald Raymond & Myla
K1 / February 13, 2024











Brian & LJ

“My fiancé and I are grateful to your service, helping us navigate the K1 Visa process. Thank you also to your follow up calls from now and then to check on us. May you help many more clients the future.

To sir Anthon, Thank you for explaining to us and giving us feedbacks every document submission. ”

– Brian & LJ
K1 / February 13, 2024








Cullen & Jerryl Maei

“Thank you Filipino Visa! I highly recommend this agency to everyone. The people are so kind and hospitable.

To Ms. Katharine, thank you so much for helping me to complete my requirements and always answer my questions.

Wishing a more clients to come to your company! God bless!”

– Cullen & Jerryl Maei
K1 Petition / February 13, 2024







Brandon & Manelyn

“I just want to thank Filipino Visa on helping us on filing our papers, also to all the staffs who handle our application.

Since we are busy and have no time to do some paper works, its actually a big help for me and Brandon to have to have you on this journey.

Again, thank you, I finally got my Visa approved! “

– Brandon & Manelyn
K1 / February 13, 2024







Darryl & Mary Lyn

“My coordinator is Ms. Jhacie and she’s the one who assisted me with my K1 Visa application. She’s nice and everyone in the office are so accommodating. She helped me from start until I got my Visa approved. Thank you so much!”

– Darryl & Mary Lyn
K1 Petition / February 13, 2024








By Christian Filipina staff

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