December 29, 2022

2340583 Fe, 49, Minglanilla, Cebu, Philippines

Fe, 49, Minglanilla, Cebu

“My name is Fe. I met this man, Douglas here. He is a paid member. We met at other dating sites, and maybe it’s not yet our time to have serious feelings, though we love each other, so we didn’t continue our LDR. When I search on YouTube if what is the best dating site, Christian Filipina has stand-out, so I read some comments, and it’s all nice. For weeks, I didn’t notice Douglas sent me a wink! OMG! I got goosebumps because I didn’t know what to do. In short, the return of Douglas is true! So we’re in good condition now, and as they say, “LOVE IS SWEETER THE SECOND TIME AROUND.” To my ever loved, Douglas, I am very thankful to the Lord, for giving us the time to meet again. He knows how much I Love You. Always remember I am willing to wait for your plan. Thank you, Christian Filipina, for helping singles to find and have a chance to meet their true love. Douglas plans to retire here in 2023, so we will pray to the Lord for his guidance. Thank you, and more power Christian Filipina!”

 -Fe, 49, Minglanilla, Cebu, Philippines




2097877 James, 35, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

James, 35, Sydney, New South Wales


“Met a girl and we’ll see where things go from here. Thank you and keep doing what you’re doing.”

 -James, 35, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia





2032582 Joseph, 53, New Mexico, United States

Joseph, 53, New Mexico


“Hi, Christian Filipina! I have been in a happy relationship with a lovely Christian woman. I am happy to tell you that I just got married to her. Thank you very much and God’s blessing be upon all of you.”

 -Joseph, 53, New Mexico, United States




2492952 Cyl, 39, Tacurong City, Philippines

Cyl, 39, Tacurong City


“I met a very special person in this community.”

 -Cyl, 39, Tacurong City, Philippines





1213812 Trevor, 47, Pickering Brook, Western Australia, Australia

Trevor, 47, Pickering Brook, Western Australia


“I found someone.”

 -Trevor, 47, Pickering Brook, Western Australia, Australia






300421 Emely, 30, Leyte, Philippines

Emely, 30, Leyte


“I met someone here. Thank you for this community. God bless and more power!”

 -Emely, 30, Leyte, Philippines



By Christian Filipina staff

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