December 25, 2020

1688666 Don, 69, Indiana, United States

Don, 69, Indiana


“I have already found someone!”

 -Don, 69, Indiana, United States





1326718Eric, 49, Wisconsin, United States

Eric, 49, Wisconsin,

“I was blessed to find Christian Filipina. I am a very lucky man that the woman of more than my dreams found me. We started talking on CF in August 2019. I traveled to the Philippines in January 2020. I met her and her family. Its been incredible. We chat every day. We are engaged and working on a K-1 Visa now. Hopefully, in 2021, she will be able to accompany me here. Despite the pandemic, we remain hopeful and patient. Thank you.”

                      -Eric, 49, Wisconsin, United States



1660511Darryl, 58, Ohio, United States

Darryl, 58, Ohio

“I was looking at some beautiful Filipinas on your site.  I contacted maybe 7 or 8 Filipina’s but it was always a friend thing. But when I saw my love at first sight, I literally said, “that is her, there she is!” I reached out to her on October 28, 2020, and she reached back to me on November 3, 2020. God lead me to the Christian Filipina site specifically to find her! She knew I was her soulmate as well. Saturday, November 7, my time in America and Sunday, November 8, Philippine time we made it official. We video chat and message daily. I am in the total process of bringing her to America with her children for me to love them, care for them, and to provide for them all. I am so happy as well as my love is. I give all of my gratitude to the Christian Filipina organization. Thank you so much!”

-Darryl, 58, Ohio, United States



1699606 Sheila, 43, Pasig City, Philippines

Sheila, 43, Pasig City

“Prayer works! Thank you so much Christian Filipina. I have found the one whom my heart loves. I love him because he is more willing to walk with me hand in hand closer to Jesus. We have started our everyday devotion and prayer. And we set our goal to honor and glorify God in our relationship. Sharing with you our happiness and joy. A blessed Christmas everyone!”

-Sheila, 43, Pasig City, Philippines




1686942Tom, 72, California, United States

Tom, 72, California


“I have met someone on the site and we are a dating couple now. Thank you so much for your time and assistance for me to find love!”

-Tom, 72, California, United States




By Christian Filipina staff

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