December 1, 2012

Lita, 49 Laguna,PH

Lita, 49 Laguna,PH

“I was a member of CF few years ago. I was about  planning to close my account  because I didnt meet my man yet and I was hopeless. I asked God to answer my request to give me the right man . So I stayed more few weeks and kept searching.That was Feb. 2011, One of them had  no picture but caught my attention and I felt it was he who I was waiting for so long.He answered my message and that was the start of our love story.We fell in love to each other. He said, all of many filipinas who were  trying to catch his attention,some were rude and begged him to give them babies..:( sad,I was the only one who kept sending him messages and told him more about my life story. I told him the truth from the very start and he did same way to me. We almost have same story and we are very much matched in many things. We are super closed ,soulmates,best of friends ,great lovers..I could not ask anything from him. He voluntarily helped me in many things.  April same year he visited me and my kids here. We  decided to close our accounts here because we found each other. He visited me again on Dec.2011 and Oct 2012. We are now applying for fiance visa and hopefully with help of your prayers, I would get approve on Feb or March next year..We had engagement party last Oct.this year and plan to be married once I get there in USA. I enclosed some of our pictures. I encourage many filipinas here in my place who wish to meet their future partners to join here,be prayerful for what they wish, be honest, and be patient. We are very thankful to CF site and to all staffs for all your kind supports and great mission. I wish this our story could give them inspiration to continue praying and searching honestly and God will grant their dreams to come true. Thank you and more powers..God bless all”


By Christian Filipina staff

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