December 2, 2022

550812 Jon, 41, Omaha, Nebraska, United States

Jon, 41, Omaha, Nebraska

“I already met my special someone on this site, and I no longer need to continue my search.”

 -Jon, 41, Omaha, Nebraska, United States






2451152 G, Cebu, Philippines

G, 35, Cebu


“I met someone on Christian Filipina, and I want to see where it goes.”

 -G, 35, Cebu, Philippines





2326214 Philip, 35, Sheffield, Sheffield, United Kingdom

Philip, 35, Sheffield, Sheffield

“Thank you, for all the support and assistance you offered me while on my journey to find a partner whom I can see myself marrying and starting a family with. Through your site, I believe I have found my future wife and have booked a flight next year to the Philippines where I hope to propose, and start the process of bringing her to the United Kingdom. I can’t thank you enough for helping to change the course of my life and bring me back from a dark place in my heart to one filled with love and happiness.”

 -Philip, 35, Sheffield, Sheffield, United Kingdom





2474777 Cristobal, 38, Fort Worth, Texas, United States

Cristobal, 38, Fort Worth, Texas


“I found a special woman.”

 -Cristobal, 38, Fort Worth, Texas, United States






1906968 Morena, 34, Pangasinan, Philippines

Morena, 34, Pangasinan


“I’ve met someone here. Thank you!”

 -Morena, 34, Pangasinan, Philippines






2343192 Marites, 51, Binan, Province of Laguna, Philippines

Marites, 51, Binan, Province of Laguna


“Good morning, Christian Filipina! Have a wonderful day! Thank you for your dating site. I have already found the man I am looking for. Your dating site is one of the best among all dating sites! Congrats and more power and God bless you. Thank you and good luck.”

 -Marites, 51, Binan, Province of Laguna, Philippines





1600419 Brent, Omaha, Nebraska, United States

Brent, 61, Omaha, Nebraska


“I already married a Filipina on your site.”

 -Brent, 61, Omaha, Nebraska, United States






2423199 Paul, 50, Peterborough, United Kingdom

Paul, 50, Peterborough


“We have found love here on your site. Thank you!”

 -Paul, 50, Peterborough, United Kingdom






2459948 John, 59, Mount Pleasant, Utah, United States

John, 59, Mount Pleasant, Utah


“I really love your site. I had so many real, and loving Filipinas who wanted to talk to me. So many I had a hard time deciding on one. But I did decide on one, and she is wonderful. Her name is Sarah, but she has already left your site, too, as she longer needs it either. Thank you so much for the use of your site. Take care. John”

 -John, 59, Mount Pleasant, Utah, United States





2004503 Zlatko, 64, Garcin, Slavonski Brod, Croatia

Zlatko, 64, Garcin, Slavonski Brod

“I want to inform all of you that BECAUSE OF CHRISTIAN FILIPINA now I am MARRIED AND HAPPY MAN. I have visited the Philippines two times. First time in September and the second time in November. On 10 November, I married Mary Ann, a teacher, in Guiuan, Eastern Samar. It was no problem during traveling. People are very friendly and ready to help. Also, I want to say that Christian Filipina is the best and the most important and safest site to meet women for marriage. My support to your team and policy taking care of the safety of your clients. Traveling to Asia was a wonderful experience. I hope I will come again and enjoy the food, fruits, sun, beaches, and tourist places with new members of my family and with my wife. I wish you a lot of success in your future work.”

-Zlatko, 64, Garcin, Slavonski Brod, Croatia




1197848 Ann, 32, Cebu, Philippines, Philippines

Ann, 32, Cebu, Philippines


“Hi, Christian Filipina! I met someone here. Thank you so much. God bless you.”

-Ann, 32, Cebu, Philippines, Philippines






1795842 Vik, 26, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Vik, 26, Melbourne, Victoria


“Found someone already, thank you!”

-Vik, 26, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia






1967163 Steven, 67, Oceanside, California, United States

Steven, 67, Oceanside, California


“I have met someone special from this site, and I am extremely elated. We’ve spoken and seen ourselves and considering marriage soon. Thank you for bringing me close to my soul mate and I will always recommend this platform to friends.”

-Steven, 67, Oceanside, California, United States


By Christian Filipina staff

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