December 12, 2023

Douglas & Maria

“Thank you so much to Filipino Visa Company for helping us to our K1/K2 visa processing. We passed. our fiance visa is approved and its really helpful to us to make it easy process our k1/k2 visa. Thank you and Godbless.”

– Douglas & Maria
K1 Petition / December 12, 2023







Ken & Abby

“Thank you for your support and help with us in getting my visa approved. We are excited and happy to finally be together.”

– Ken & Abby
K1 Petition / December 12, 2023







Mark & Janice

“A big thanks to our visa petition coordinator Carl, for helping us throughout the process and to the entire team of filipino visa. Kudos!”

– Mark & Janice
K1 Petition / December 12, 2023








Michael & Phyllis

“My fiance and I decided to use Filippino Visa because we’ve heard good things about them, from our first contact they were so kind and helpful and leading us through all the steps to prepare to file my6 visa application.

They were very helpful into making sure we had all of the information that we needed to file our original visa application, after that thry kept in contact with us through the whole complete process and once the visa was approved they were so helpful and us gathering all the paperwork and letting us know how the steps would happen,

Its a long process but having them by our side made it so much easier I would reccommend Filipino Visa and VPC Asha to anyone who was hoping to bring their love other life with them tom start a new life.”

– Russell & Jovina
K1 Petition / December 12, 2023






Corey & Jiza

“Thank you so much Filipino Visa for helping me and my fiancé for all the process from start to finish. I am thankful and so blessed that I found my fiancé through you sister company Christian Filipina. I always recommend your site and agency to my friends. Go bless us all!”

– Corey & Jiza
K1 Petition / December 12, 2023






Carlos & Belinda

“Blessed and thankful that my K1 visa was approved today. would like to extend my gratitude to filippino Visa agency for the services you rendered. All the staff and to my VPC miss Eve, thank you so much! Godbless”

– Carlos & Belinda
K1 Petition / December 12, 2023







Harold & Kimberly

“Thank you Lord God we got approved on our fiancé visa, through the help of our agency Filipino Visa. Thank you so much for the never ending help and support! We can’t do this without you po. Malaki ang utang na loob namin sa inyo kasi kung wala po kayo, lalong lalo ang tulong niyo, hindi po ito namin makakamit.

Thank you very much and God bless po!”

– Harold & Kimberly
K1 Petition / December 12, 2023





Jim & Chin

“Thank you Filipino Visa for assisting us from the start to finish even though it sometimes we’ve being outpatient. Jim and I will closing the distance soon we never and we can’t do it without your service, thank you so much!”

– Jim & Chin
K1 Petition / January 2, 2024





Frank & Sunshine

“Filipino Visa plays an integral part of our K1 visa journey since 2021-2023. I could say that their services is fast, reliable and quality assusred.
The staff are friendly, accomodating and service oriented. They work effectively and efficiently as far as the documents are concerned. It is an assurance that with their services, your visa will be approved shortly.”

– Frank & Sunshine
K1 Petition / December 12, 2023






Corey & Alberto

“Salamat sa aking agent na si KJ sa pag gabay sa akin patungo sa tagumpay.”

– Corey & Alberto
K1 Petition / December 12, 2023







Daniel & April

“Thank you so much Filipino Visa. Salamat sa lahat ng tulong. Finally Visa Approved.”

– Daniel & April
K1 Petition / December 12, 2023








Santiago & Angelita

“Thank you Filipino Visa for assisting all through out the process especially to our assigned agents Miss Marygail who was there to take over and take care of everything.

Thank you so much Filipino Visa, you are the best!”

– Santiago & Angelita
K1 Petition / December 12, 2023







Bobbie & Annanette

“Thank you to my agent Carl. And Filipino Visa Team. Godbless you all.”

– Bobbie & Annanette
K1 Petition / December 12, 2023









Edwin & Arlene

“Thank you Peter and all the staff of Filipino Visa who assisted us in our journey to get our visa. God is Good. Godbless and you may continuously helping more couples. God with us all.”

– Edwin & Arlene
K1 Petition / December 12, 2023







By Christian Filipina staff

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