August 24, 2017


255792 Woodley, 64, California, USA

Woodley, 64, California

“I am now happily married to a Filipina I met in Christian Filipina in 2015. I made 2 visits to meet her and her family. On the second visit, she flew back to the USA with me, where we were married on February 8th of 2017. Christian Filipina is a fine organization and I highly recommend it as a dating website. The staff are all very helpful and courteous. We are now enjoying our life together here in the USA, and we plan to return to the Philippines every year for a visit, and possibly to retire there eventually.”

-Woodley, 64, California, USA




741326 Marie, 48, Idaho, USA

Marie, 48, Idaho


“I already found my soul mate. Thanks Christian Filipina for being an instrument to the two lonely hearts to meet together and be happy as ‘one’. God’s answered prayer; it came at the right time. We are now happily married!”

-Marie, 48, Idaho, USA





632684 Chad, 35, New Mexico, USA

Chad, 35, New Mexico


“I have found my princess. I’m so happy I found her in Christian Filipina!”

-Chad, 35, New Mexico, USA






793074 JR, 54, Kansas, USA

JR, 54, Kansas


“I’ve met a very special woman in Christian Filipina. I truly believe God brought us together and I’m very thankful for that.”

-JR, 54, Kansas, USA






852335 Grace, 27, Manila, Philippines

Grace, 27, Manila


“I found my special someone here, and I’m not searching anymore. Thank you Christian Filipina, because of you I found my true love, Robbie!”

-Grace, 27, Manila, Philippines





By Christian Filipina staff

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