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August 20, 2013


Barak, 56, Florida, USA

Barak, 56, Florida, USA


“Hi, I have married my Filipina, Wilma since meeting her on your site in June, 2010! We did that thru a K1 Visa and married here in my home in Tampa, Fl, USA, on March 16, 2012!  All is very Good!  Thanks for the rewarding experience.”

–Barak & Wilma Stasiowski, Florida, USA







Drew, 38, Canada

Drew, 38, Canada


“I Love your site, have given it out to several friends who are looking.”

–Drew, 38, Canada








Cristina, 38, Baguio, PH

Cristina, 38, Baguio, PH


“I found a great man on your site. Thank you so much Christian Filipina”

–Cristina, 38, Baguio, PH








Shirly 28 Or. Mindoro, PH

Shirly 28 Or. Mindoro, PH


“I have found my man already and I want to express how grateful I am to Christian Filipina”

–Shirly, 28, Or. Mindoro, PH








D, 63, B. C., Canada

D, 63, B. C., Canada


“Just a few words to congratulate you on the quality and substance of your website. This is my first experience of this kind and your site and staff have made it an enjoyable one. Keep up the good work.”

–D, 63, B. C., Canada



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