April 19, 2015





293873 Faith, 35, Negros Oriental

Faith, 35, Negros Oriental


“Thank you very much, Christian Filipina for being a bridge to us.  I found my man from the site.  Lord God, thank you very much for the answered prayer.  My Sweetie Mike, thank you very much for coming into my life.  More power to CF and God bless us all. ”

-Faith, 35, Negros Oriental, Philippines








77828 Will, 57, Louisiana, USA

Will, 57, Louisiana, USA


“I have found the lady of my dreams so I will end my search and devote all my time to this beautiful lady.  I will always be grateful to the Christian Filipina staff for all the help and encouragement they gave.  I wish August would hurry up and get here, time is sure dragging.  Panie Sabatero, I love you and I cannot wait until we meet in person and that we become man and wife.”

-Will, 57, Louisiana, USA








124871 Lorena, 29, Malaybalay City, Philippines

Lorena, 29, Malaybalay City, Philippines


“I thank God for giving me the right person in my life now.  I have waited for him for a long time.  Al, thank you for always being there and I love you always, babe.  Thank you Christian Filipina!”

-Lorena, 29, Malaybalay City, Philippines








228266 Ray, 71, Queensland, Australia

Ray, 71, Queensland, Australia


“I have found my love and I am already in the Philippines. Christian Filipina is the best Christian dating site, thank you!”

-Ray, 71, Queensland, Australia








377498 Flordelyn, 43, Philippines

Flordelyn, 43, Philippines


“Thank you Lord God for the blessings.  Finally, I found my future husband and I am officially engaged.  Thank you Christian Filipina!”

-Flordelyn, 43, Philippines





By Christian Filipina staff

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