April 16, 2013



Anne, 39, Philippines

Anne, 39, Philippines

“Your site is indeed wonderful because I felt more comfortable and safe as a Filipina. Through this site I was able to find true, honest & loving man. I finally met him in person. Hopefully, with God’s intervention and it will not be our last meeting. I am very grateful & happy that this site was created for Filipina women and foreign men to meet & connect. This is the best site! God bless everyone who are still in search for that special someone whom God has prepared for them!”

–From Anne, 39, Philippines






Dean, 47, Florida, USA

Dean, 47, Florida, USA


“I have found my girl on CF and I am so happy. She is so special to me and we are a perfect match. I am just waiting for the day that we meet in the Philippines.”

–from Dean, 47, Florida, USA







Jim, 54, California, USA

Jim, 54, California, USA


“I am no longer looking, I am already ‘taken’. I found what I was looking for in Christian Filipina! I suggest that you hang in there, because one of these days you WILL BE in the right place at the right time, and meet your prince charming.”

–from Jim, 54, California, USA






Karen, 32, Philippines

Karen, 32, Philippines


“I already found my special someone. I find your website interesting and people are really nice. More power and God bless the team.”

–from Karen, 32, Philippines







Rudolph, 51, S. Carolina, USA

Rudolph, 51, S. Carolina, USA


“I just want to let you know that I love this site. Excellent opportunities! I really appreciate the advice and the values it reflects. Thanks.”

–from Rudolph, 51, S. Carolina, USA







Loren, 74 ,Missouri, USA

Loren, 74 Missouri, USA

“You have the most Wonderful site. Your staff members contacted me at various times in wonderful ways with concerns to be remembered. All other sites that I have been on, they did not take care of the issue and they have provided me with a return message which was no more than what I would refer to as “passing the buck” and “bypassing the issue”. Nobody ever contacted me personally on the other sites, only Christian Filipina. Thanks again for Your Wonderful site.”

–from Loren, 74, Missouri, USA






By Christian Filipina staff

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