April 11, 2015





182387 John, 62, Sydney, Australia

John, 62, Sydney, Australia

“Ellen and I met via a wink from Ellen. Our relationship was slow to begin with as I held reservations about our age difference.  In September 2014 we knew we wanted to be together.  During the last week of November 2014 we met in Manila for 4 days. That was not enough for me so in mid January 2015, I flew to Bacolod and we stayed together for a further 9 days. Whilst there, I presented Ellen with my data so she could process her Visitor Visa to Australia. After it was approved I booked her flights and Ellen arrived in Perth on 21st of March. A good day to begin our lives together. After 10 weeks we will fly to Bali, Indonesia to organise Ellen’s Fiancée or Partner visa, after all, we have been engaged since December 28, 2014 and wish to spend the rest of our lives together. We acknowledge Christian Fiilpina in being fundamental in bringing us together. Thank you Christian Filipina and Staff.”

-John, 62, Sydney, Australia








311214 Ann, 28, Davao Del Norte

Ann, 28, Davao Del Norte

“My husband Ole is from Norway. We met online last July 22, 2014, through the Christian Filipina site.  We had a lot of conversations every day before we met for real in October 2014.  We tried to pursue and reach the real love despite the fact that we were more than 10,000 kilometers apart.  On January 1,2015, New Year, Ole proposed to me in front of my family and many of my relatives.  We both love God and we put each other right beneath Him. We finally decided to get married on March 28, 2015. We will continue to learn to know each other and see the blossom of our love everyday, to our last breath.”

-Ann, 28, Davao Del Norte, Philippines








246227 Patrick, 59, California, USA

Patrick, 59, California, USA


“Thank you Christian Filipina, I have been so blessed to have found the most wonderful person on this site, my future wife. Thank you so much!”

-Patrick, 59, California, USA








392030 Angela, 30, Davao City, Philippines

Angela, 30, Davao City

“I am deeply overwhelmed with the love, care and trust that is being given and shared to me by my “knight in shining armor” whom I met here in Christian Filipina. Now I can finally say my search is over because having him in my life, makes me ask for nothing more. Thank you God for all your love and mercy. You have truly blessed me with a loving man, John.  Please bless everyone who are still searching and let them find the happiness that they deserve. Thank you Christian Filipina for your help! Truly you are God’s instrument in bringing people into finding true love and happiness. More power to you.”

-Angela, 30, Davao City, Philippines








260516 Charles, 58, Washington, USA

Charles, 58, Washington


“I would like to thank every one at Christian Filipina for helping me find true love again.  Grace is the woman of my dreams and we will be wed in June.  Thank you again and God bless all.”

-Charles, 58, Washington, USA





By Christian Filipina staff

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