October 7, 2014

Marilyn, 23, Philippines

Marilyn, 23, Philippines


“I found my man here at ChristianFilipina.com. Thank you.”

–Marilyn, 23, Philippines





Brian, 59, USA

Brian, 59, USA


I found her on your website. Her name is Marilyn. She is a single lady in her 30’s, a teacher, with no kids.I am an old hand at this. I credit CF for my success. It is different from all the other dating sites, and I was on many. I noticed the difference early on. The ladies on CF are a cut above. Genuinely sincere about marriage.Your forum is quite useful also. I think it is a blessing to newbies, allowing them to glean knowledge as to what Filipinas are like. Most who seek a foreign bride usually have some unhappy past, but have not given up, and are looking for an alternative. I found my lady here, and although I feel I had reasonable expectations, she exceeds them by miles. I just cannot believe that ladies like her even exist. Only in the Philippines. She is due here in November. After she arrives we will dig through the red tape to marry, SSN, work, change of status, citizenship, etc. I will try to remember you and send pics. I warn you ahead, she is a major cutie! I realize I have been wandering when I really just wanted to thank you. Your website is truly better than most. It is where I found my love, and I pray that all your members share my success. Be good, God bless!

–Brian, 59, USA


Maribel, 22, Philippines

Maribel, 22, Philippines


“I already found him here, Thank you Christian Filipina.

–Maribel, 22, Philippines

By Christian Filipina staff

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