October 23, 2016

460805 Wallace, 69, S. Carolina, USA

Wallace, 69, S. Carolina


“I have been engaged to a lady from Ozamiz. It has been wonderful! She has a daughter and a sister in the Phillipines who are helping us with the process. Christian Filipina is a great company. Congratulations for a job well done!

-Wallace, 69, S. Carolina, USA




716074 Kenny, 50, Indiana, USA

Kenny, 50, Indiana


“I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you for what you do to help people connect with a great lady. This site is awesome! I have found my future wife and am planning to visit in January to meet her family and ask for their blessing for her hand in marriage. Thank you so very much Christian Filipina and God bless!”

-Kenny, 50, Indiana, USA




303390 Diza, 30, Cotabato, Philippines

Diza, 30, Cotabato

“I would like to thank God, my Savior, and Glorify His Holy name for answering all my prayers, and making my dreams come true. And i want to thank Christian Filipina for helping me connect to my baby love Shawn. We met in this site on June 2016 and after getting to know each other for four months, he decided to come and meet me. We’re now engaged! God made all things possible. We’re in Boracay enjoying our vacation, sharing our love, enjoying the beach, the food and enjoying God’s favor. To all pinays out there, just be true to your self. Always acknowledge God and He will answer your prayers. God bless every one! Diza and Shawn.”

-Diza, 30, Cotabato, Philippines




311460 Riza, 39, Manila, Philippines

Riza, 39, Manila


“I already found my partner and i want to thank this site for making it come true. Thank you Christian Filipina! I finally found my partner, my best friend and my boyfriend. Single no more! I love you, Raymond!”

-Riza, 39, Manila, Philippines





648761 Cora, 50, Manila, Philippines

Cora, 50, Manila


“Dennis, I love you babe! I am so thankful to Christian Filipina who helped me find him and be with him. God is good all the time! The search is over finally! God bless!”

-Cora, 50, Manila, Philippines





By Christian Filipina staff

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