March 14, 2013


Eden, 41, PH

Eden, 41, PH


“I’m very happy for your great effort to help me in a mysterious ways to find my soul mate. I always inspired those testimonials i have read and it makes my hope came alive again. Thanks.”

–from Eden, 41, Negros Occidental, Philippines






William, 59, California, USA


“I am a Christian man looking for a woman who loves the Lord. I have found her and her name is Melanie. She is a beautiful gift from God. I love you my angel.”

— from William, 59, California, USA








JJ, 42, USA


“I am happy to have found my other wonderful halves my friend, my love, my life my everything Lorena Esmeralda!”

–from JJ, 42, USA







Aaron, 51, Columbia, Canada


” Ladies thank you for your interest. I have found what I believe my soul mate, please say hi to Jenifer and wish you all the best in your search!”

— from Aaron , 51, Columbia, Canada







Carina, 39, Pampanga, PH


” The site is very good and admire you for that, God bless you much!..”

–from Carina, 39, Pampanga, Philippines







Precious, 43, Philippines


” More power and God Bless!”

–from Precious, 43, Philippines





Floserfida, 61, Caloocan, PH


“Please pray for me and Samsen. We are regularly communicating with each other on email and Skype let the will of god prevails in our life. Will keep you posted. Thanks!”

–from Florserfida , 61, Caloocan, Philippines







Cecilia, 54, Cebu City, PH

Cecilia, 54, Cebu City, PH


“Thank you so much. You are keeping your members safe with the site features you have. Again,Thank you .”

— from Cecilia, 54, Cebu City, Philippines







William V., 57, Texas, USA

William V., 57, Texas, USA

“The Site is excellent and very professional. It’s very easy to navigate and worth every dollar spent. I like the educational topics and how the Site Management is keeping the members well informed. Frankly, I don’t have anything against the Site or the computer or customer service staff. Everything works. Why am I then cancelling? Truly I don’t think I am ready for this yet. I think I need to step back and re-think what is that I want to happen with my membership. I think the site has been an eye opener for me. I am not saying good bye forever. Thank you very much for this great service”–from William,57,Texas, USA







Manuela, 37, Cebu, PH

Manuela, 37, Cebu, PH


“Thank you so much and more power to all the staff.”

— from Manuela, 37, Cebu, Philippines








By Christian Filipina staff

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