July 21, 2014

Thomas, 59, Texas USA

Thomas, 59, Texas USA


I met many ladies through your website, but found only one to fall in love with. She’s a very beautiful, sweet, young lady.  We’re now engaged to be married as soon as I get visas to bring her and her daughter to the USA.  We’ve made plans for her to resume college, working toward a BSN.  We are reading “His Needs, Her Needs”, by Willard F. Harley, Jr., and plan to receive counseling in the near future to secure our love for each other and relationship in marriage. God bless you and those who choose to pursue finding good Christian mates through your website !”

–Thomas, 59, Texas USA


Geraldine, 23, Antipolo City Philippines

Geraldine, 23, Antipolo City Philippines


To all the staff of Christian Filipina, thank you very much, I found my Christian Husband here in your site. He came here in Philippines to marry me. Last July 9 was my judge wedding,and July 18 was my church wedding. Thanks a lot and God Bless you.

–Geraldine, 23, Antipolo City Philippines




Peach, 30, Cebu City Philippines

Peach, 30, Cebu City Philippines


“This is Jim, and, I met him here, at Christian Filipina, and, in Cebu. About 4 months later, our Fiance visa is now at US Immigration, and, we are very grateful to CF for the wonderful service they have provided us. To my fellow Filipinas, I would recommend you do as I had: On your profile, add a picture, and, answer all the questions, put your specific information there, so, the guy can see how tall you are, and, how much you weigh, and, if, never married and no children. It makes a difference, to some guys, and, that is what my man was looking for, and, he found me, here, at CF, looking at pictures, searching for specific details. Complete your profile, put in specific information about you, it helped me, and it can help you too. Good luck, and, may you find what you are searching for. For Jim and I, our search is over. This is our picture, in Cebu!!”

 –Peach, 30, Cebu City Philippines

By Christian Filipina staff

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