December 7, 2017

815692 James, 61, Oregon, USA

James, 61, Oregon


“I’m grateful for the sweet Filipina young woman I have met through Christian Filipina. She is a prize. Thank you!”

-James, 61, Oregon, USA






517455 Greg, 57, Idaho, USA

Greg, 57, Idaho

“Thank you to all of you at Christian Filipina. I have met my bride and I will be going to see her in three days in Manila. I am so excited and so blessed! Thank you for your awesome service and opportunity to meet wonderful women. God bless you!”

-Greg, 57, Idaho, USA






887263 Ron, 57, Ohio, USA

Ron, 57, Ohio

“I met the love of my life in Christian Filipina. Honestly, I thought we had met an impasse but we fixed it. She proved to me that we can work through difficult things. Now I have a family with her, her daughter and myself. The Lord is so good!”

-Ron, 57, Ohio, USA






897288 Bruce, 57, Wisconsin, USA

Bruce, 57, Wisconsin


“God bless Christian Filipina and thank you for all the blessings God has given to us. I have found the woman of my life through your services. Thanks be to God!”

-Bruce, 57, Wisconsin. USA






859319 Eric, 58, Washington, USA

Eric, 58, Washington


“I believe that I have found my lovely lady to spend the rest of my life with in Christian Filipina. Ladies, I wish you all the luck in finding your man/best friend/ husband/lover!”

-Eric, 58, Washington, USA




By Christian Filipina staff

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