June 4, 2014

John, 62, Melbourne Australia

John, 62, Melbourne Australia

“I met my special someone on this site within a few days and she is the love of my life. A big thank you to C.F., and I want all to know I have met the most wonderful person here, her name is Jeolma(Joy). She is a blessing and will be my life partner and hopefully be my wife in the near future. Joy is the love I have been waiting for with strong prayer (It does work) and I will cherish her for the rest of our lives. I met her in person for the first time, when I made my trip to the Philippines in April this year. Joy and her beautiful family made me so very welcome, and hope to make the return trip very shortly, The love grows stronger every day and it is as though we have known each other forever. Thanks to God for this blessing. I hope all  have such a result.”

–John, 62, Melbourne Australia


Lyn, 44, Philippines

Lyn, 44, Philippines


” John and I met in this site last February 05, 2014. At that time we started knowing each other and seeing in webcam, since then we had found out that there was some very special feelings from the two of us – time goes by and the feelings we have for each other grow everyday till we felt that we are already falling in love with each other.  My life has changed because his love for me is real. Our relationship is really made by heaven with God’s blessings. True love comes when you least expected. Last month April 30 2014 he arrived and I picked him up at the Ninoy International airport. Then finally when we met in person I was surprised he proposed to me and he put the engagement ring to my finger. Wow – I feel so happy and soon the two loving souls will become one heart, now we are so busy preparing a lot, doing stuff for the big event in my life – my wedding day this coming September 2014. True Love exists on the net if you believe in your heart, nothing is impossible even no matter how far you are away from each other. Distance would never be a hindrance if both souls are meant for each other, all things will possible.

To the staff of ChristianFilipina.Com we would like to extend our gratitude and thanks for helping us to find each other, through your site I found the love of my life, my loving husband to be John Fleck. More power to your site and keep up the good service in helping others.”

–Lyn, 44, Philippines


By Christian Filipina staff

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