July 4, 2014

Timothy, 49, West Virginia USA

Timothy, 49, West Virginia USA


“It is with Great Joy that I write to you today, to share our success and happiness with all of you at Christian Filipina. Joy and I found each other at your wonderful site and immediately began to build a solid and lasting relationship built firstly on friendship, open communication, and mutual interests. Surely we are blessed and highly favored and now, from the bottom of our hearts, which sing together a new song, we thank our Heavenly Father and His Beloved, and we want to say ‘thank you’ Christian Filipina for being the means by which we met!! I know that our heavenly Father used you to make possible our beginning. By all means keep doing what you do best: bringing loving and sincere hearts together! Finally, we know you are making a difference; you made a blessed and wonderful difference to Joy and I. We gratefully and sincerely acknowledge you in our Blessing! May God Bless and prosper you as you bless and advance the lives of others.    .”

–Timothy, 49, West Virginia USA


Nhess, 42, Manila Philippines

Nhess, 42, Manila Philippines


“Christian Filipina is such a wonderful site for us Filipinas who are longing to have our real and genuine long lasting relationship. Michael and I are growing stronger now for 7 months time. He is my hope, my breath and my knight in shining armor. He is one of a kind so different from others he speaks with humble heart and truth which I am really looking for a real soulmate. Thank you so much CF site. God bless your site with more members looking for a real love. In behalf of Michael, I can’t thank you enough really.”

–Nhess, 42, Manila Philippines


Steven, 56, Minnesota USA

Steven, 56, Minnesota USA


” I have found someone whom I am serious about. Salamat Christian Filipina”

–Victor, 37, West Virginia USA





By Christian Filipina staff

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