April 23, 2024

Crecencio & Jean Ann

“I wanna say thank you for my agency Filipino Visa as they did everything for me to be able to get my Visa approved. More power and God bless!”

– Crecencio & Jean Ann
K1 Petition / April 23, 2024









Duane & Rosalin

“Thank you very much Filipino Visa sa tulong sa pag assist sa lahat ng kulang, kinumpleto niyo. Ang babait din ng mga nag assist sakin. Isa na sa kanila si Maam Riann, Maam Nico, sir Charls and sa nag mock interview sa akin. Thank you very much!”

– Duane & Rosalin
K1 Petition / April 23, 2024









Timothy & Anne

Thank you Filipino Visa staff for assisting me with the process. Thank you so much maam Nikka, Sir Carl and Maam Nico.

– Timothy & Anne
K1 Petition / April 23, 2024








Scot Alan & Vicky

Una sa lahat thank you God sobra akong nagpapasalamat kay sir KJ sa pagiging hardworking nya sa pagtulong sa amin na ma process and papers namin sobra din ako nagpapasalamat sa buong team ng FILIPINO VISA.


Thank you so much!

– Scot Alan & Vicky
K1 Petition / April 23, 2024








Jason & Jocelyn

To Ma’am Katharine,
Thank you so much po for helping me so much to my paper work

– Jason & Jocelyn
K1 Petition / April 23, 2024









Mario & Mina

Thank you Filipino Visa for your valuable assistance to our K1 Visa application. I appreciate my visa coordinator, Ms. Asha Muhammad for her friendly assistance coordination.

Thank you again Filipino Visa. More power on your business.

– Mario & Mina
K1 Petition / April 23, 2024








Dale Scott & Jijie Rose

It was a smooth with Ms. Rianne. I am very thankful for the help. I believe that it was because of her unwavering support that me and daughter was approved and have a positive outcome of my K1 visa application. You made our dream come true.

– Dale Scott & Jijie Rose
K1 Petition / April 23, 2024









Eric & Karen

“Thank you Filipino Visa for assisting us all the way through the process. A big thanks to our coordinator sir KJ for making sure we got everything we need. Thank you so much! “

– Eric & Karen
K1 Petition / April 23, 2024









Jackie & Anamie

“Good morning po sa lahat ng staff ng Filipino Visa! salamat po sa lahat ng tulong niyo sa akin, llalo na po kay sir KJ, tatanawin ko itong malakaing utang na loob. Salamat po ulit, sana marami pa apo kayong matulungan kagaya ko poi. God bless you always.”

– Jackie & Anamie
K1 Petition / April 23, 2024









Larry & Arvin

“Thank you so much to Filipino Visa for helping us for our Visa processing. I am now approved. Thank you to you sir Jerome for your service and for handling our case. God bless everyone.”

– Larry & Arvin
K1 Petition / April 23, 2024









Timothy & Donavel

“I am very grateful to Filipino Visa company for helping and guiding me through this journey of having application Visa. It is very helpful in my side. I thank you all for your excellent service for every client that you have. God bless us all.”

– Timothy & Donavel
K1 Petition / April 23, 2024








Michael & Alicia

“I’m so very happy sa tulong ng Filipino Visa at natupad ang aming pinapangarap. Thank you so much for all the guidance and for an excellent job Filipino Visa.”

– Michael & Alicia
K1 Petition / April 23, 2024









By Christian Filipina staff

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