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A Website for Christian Filipino Singles, and Ladies and Gentlemen From Any Country Seeking Love and Dating in Asia

Christian-Filipina.com is an online Filipino dating service that connects Christian singles in Asia with Christians all over the world. We welcome you to sign up for a free account to host your personal ad here and find chat mates. We do not advertise that you might find a husband or Filipina wife. This is because although we believe in lifetime commitment in the sacrament of Marriage between a man and a woman, we think that a policy of friends first is the best way for adults in the modern age to find their match. We simply help members to meet pen pals and to chat about Christian values. We believe that the Christian community of singles who are members here are the loveliest you can find on any Asian dating site - in fact, we are the one and only serious Christian Asian Dating Site. We are a site owned by a Filipina with a foreigner husband, and the two of us are the ones who will answer your emails and phone calls; not an employee of a big dating company. So why not take the chance and join for free today? This might be just what you have been waiting for.

We are not an Asian mail order bride agency or a place where you can buy a Filipina bride: we are proud of our Filipina ladies and are opening the door for sincere, professional Christians to meet friends from the Philippines and around the world. We are not a marriage broker and don't introduce clients for any particular purpose beyond friendship: it's up to you the members where to take the friendships you start here. We welcome members who are Catholic, Born Again, Iglesia ni Cristo (Church of Christ), LDS, and other denominations. Whether you are a Pinoy OFW, or any man or woman anywhere in the world, we invite you to join and be open about who you are and the importance of your faith in your life.

Open to Filipinos and Foreigners from Asia and Around the World

We welcome all Christian Filipinos and Foreigners to join our site. Even if you aren't sure how to spell Philippines or Filipina (those are the correct spellings!) -- even if you write Philippina, Philippinna Philipina, Philipinna, Pilipina, or Philipines -- it doesn't matter, we welcome you here. Of course we hope you will learn the correct spelling also with practice. Most of our ladies are from the Philippine Islands, including the Manila Luzon, Cebu, and Davao Mindanao areas, but we also have many ladies from elsewhere in Asia, including China, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia. Our men are from countries in Europe and North America like United States, England, Germany, Netherlands, from Asian countries like Philippines, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, from countries in the Middle East like Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, from countries in Oceania like Micronesia, New Zealand, Australia, even from Africa and South America. We represent many different forms of Christianity but we all share an inspiration from the stories of scripture and have faith in God.

Discounts and Bonuses For Members -- Just Compare Us to the Competition!

If you wonder whether you should join our site or the larger FilipinaHeart site or its cupid look-alike sites, go ahead and join the free level of both. Our free membership allows you to send a few messages per day to other members, to find out whether that special person you might have your eye on would like to get to know you also, before you upgrade. You can never do that at FilipinaHeart, Cherry Blossoms or any other major dating site. We also offer a military/ex-military/missionary/pastor/student special bonus (50% free extra time for any membership level - email us for details using the feedback link at the bottom of the page and mention coupon code EXTRA), and the most cost-effective membership options of any quality dating site. We are a Filipina-American couple who own the site, who love Jesus, and whom you can call and talk to personally at any time. You'll never know the owner of FilipinoCupid (previously Filipina Heart), as it's a corporation based in Australia, or any of the other top sites; ours is the only one run by the owners. Finally, we believe that our unique advertising strategy and personal reviewing of profiles allows us to offer the most sincere and God-fearing membership of any Asian dating site. Please join our site now, and take the time to write a few messages to other members to give us a chance. Get Started Meeting People Today - Our introductory membership is free, and has no time limit, so take your time to meet new friends online on our Filipino dating site - the best site for Christian dating in Asia. You can even send messages and add photos right away today!

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