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Using Site Features For Your Safety

We have designed our site to give our members many ways to keep safe.  Some of these features you don’t need to even pay attention to (for instance our screening protocols for new members) because they are handled for you.

We are also the one and only Filipina dating site (and one of the only dating sites of any kind) which offers its members the security of browsing the site 100% securely. We do this by making our site “ssl” and “https” enabled, the same protocol used by banks and brokerage websites. We had to invest to enable our site and servers to operate at this highly secure level, and we did it because your security is one of our top concerns. Different browsers will show this “https” feature differently, but it will usually look about like this in the URL bar:

Our Server and Site Support https When You Are Online

Our Server and Site Support https When You Are Online


However, in addition to what we do to keep you safe, it’s also important for you to take an active role in your own online security.  You’re off to a good start because you’re reading our advice article blog right now.  Make sure you take the time to read as many articles from this blog as possible.  It might take quite a few visits to read all our advice, but it will save you time in the long run.

Here are some other important site features with which you should become familiar, and a few related tips.

Ban a Profile

Profile Buttons

Click “Add to Banned List” and You’ll Never See the Profile Again

When you are viewing a profile and for whatever reason, you know the person is not for you, just click “Add to Banned List” and you’ll never see that profile again.  The member won’t be able to contact you, and their profile will no longer show up when you are searching our member database.  It’s not impolite, either.  It’s just smart.



Report a Profile

Report a Problem

Report A Problem by Selecting the Problem Type and Clicking Report

If any member has an indecent or disrespectful profile, or writes to you in a suspicious way, please let us know.  Just send us an email with the user number and a description of the issue, or click to report the profile right from the profile page.  To report a profile easily, just scroll down to the bottom of the profile page, select a problem type, and click “report”.

Use Strict Age Limits

Use Age Preference Strict

Use Age Preference Strict To Use Your Time Efficiently

Some of the most problematic members on any Filipina dating site might not even be in the age range you are considering.  So make it easy on yourself by using our “strict age preference” feature.  Set your preferred age range when you edit your profile, and on this same page set “Age preference strict” to ON.  This will make it impossible for members outside your desired age range to find you and interact with you, so you can concentrate on meeting the right person for you.

Correspond Inside Our Site Only – Don’t Share Your Contact Information

Don't Share Contact Details With Strangers

Don’t Share Contact Details With Strangers

Don’t give out your contact information until you know people well.  It is much better to correspond in our site.  Scammers do not like to correspond in our site, because they know that they will be quickly caught and removed from our site.  So they will try to get you to switch to using normal email addresses or messengers.  Don’t fall for the trick.  If anyone on our site (or any dating site) asks to correspond via IM or asks for your phone number or other contact information, simply say, “I prefer to correspond here for now.”  If it is a sincere person, he or she will be happy to correspond in our site also.  If not, that’s someone you are better off avoiding or reporting to us.

Take Your Time

Don’t become financially or emotionally involved with anyone you have not yet met in person.  We have written in other blog articles about it, but just as a brief reminder, never send money to anyone who you have not met in person. If anyone tells you a story and tries to get you to send them money, you absolutely should not do it.  Do not fall for any pity trap or get rich quick scheme or nanny scam.  If anyone you meet on our site ever asks you to send them or anyone money, you should email to us what is going on and ask for our advice.

We also recommend that you should not become too emotionally involved with someone you have not yet met either.  If you find yourselves becoming emotionally involved, it is not time to make distant promises or send gifts.  It is time to get a plane ticket and meet in person.

Use Our Webcam Chat

Chat Online Button

Use Our Website Chat With Webcam. Click ‘Chat Online’.

One of the best ways to have safe, meaningful conversations with other members is with our webcam chat software, right inside our site.  This is available for any member who is Gold level or above.  (Remember, as with all site features, only one of the two members needs to be upgraded to Gold or above.  The other member can still be free level.)  When you are both online, you’ll see the Chat Online button at the bottom of the other member’s profile.  Just click it, and you will be able to chat in real time.  If you have a webcam and/or headset, you’ll also be able to hear and/or see each other.  We recommend that you insist your chat mate use use a webcam and headset to chat with you.  (And don’t believe anyone who asks you to send money to buy a webcam.  There are internet cafes in every rural and metropolitan area with computers with working webcams.)

Reach Out and Ask Us!

Finally, anytime you are concerned or confused about any aspect of using the site, just ask us for help.  Call us at 800 578 1469.  Or email us.  Or use the feedback form at the bottom of any page of the site.  You are not alone.  We are always happy to hear from and help out our members.  Thousands of Christians have met their match at our site.  Take your time and let yourself meet people over the course of several months, and you will also find that you have many new friends, one of whom might be the one God meant for you.



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  1. This is trully the right website to escape those scammer crock lazy impostor cheater persons just to hurt somebodies emotional feelings,I do really appreciated it for your deep concern to all your customers,keep all “UR” efforts 4 doing good things//

    Comment by Cevan Nuevares — May 27, 2012 @ 11:21 am

  2. thanks for lesson 4

    Comment by marcus f ferguson — July 20, 2012 @ 7:11 am

  3. To god be the glory
    thank you so much for giveng us idea how to know the real one you chatt,i really appreciate what you doing for us cos i know we can meet the man who god give meant for us….

    god bless CF.and the staff

    Comment by porti — August 19, 2012 @ 1:04 am

  4. Thank you for all help i not good at english but i study hard

    Comment by LIN CHUNG FU — September 3, 2012 @ 12:17 am

  5. This is very good web God Bless you and your team

    Comment by din — September 4, 2012 @ 6:30 am

  6. Thank you for your great advice. I put all in my mind what and obey the rules and regulation.Sorry if there were things here i trespass.God bless your site.

    Comment by bekah — October 10, 2012 @ 8:37 am

  7. thank you so much for helping us to protect to any person who may hurt us GOd bless and more power

    Comment by susanjuego — October 20, 2012 @ 1:03 am

  8. i really thank you for your very concern towards your members.all of your advises i’d received in my email i really love to read and thank the Lord for this site ,God bless you more and more power .

    Comment by cristina — October 22, 2012 @ 7:33 am

  9. Thank you for the advise. It is really a great help for us members. God bless

    Comment by Connie — October 23, 2012 @ 12:23 am

  10. Thank you for your very useful advice regarding ways in which to avoid some of the pitfalls. God Bless, Paul

    Comment by Paul — November 2, 2012 @ 4:03 pm

  11. Yes, thanks to all the staffs of Christian Filipina for creating a well secured website..You know I have been scammed for a lot of money from other website. that was a costly mistake..but I am still thankful to God that it’s just my money been taken & I remain untouched/unharmed..I believe that it will be backed to me in some other way & time…I deactivated my account in that site & advised my friends to be very careful.
    I am truly grateful to all of you here & I find all your emails very useful towards getting carefully relational to people we met via internet..God bless us all & more power to you.

    Comment by Emma R. Cortez — November 11, 2012 @ 1:19 am

  12. Hi Emma, You’re welcome. We are honored to have you at our site now. Sorry to hear that you encountered some scammers on other sites before. Remember, you can always write to us with any questions or concerns. We are always here for you.

    Comment by Christian Filipina — November 11, 2012 @ 8:51 am

  13. I definitely agree with the introduction of the context… … .. Next is the Take Your TIme, Reach Out & Ask Us, Report a Profile & Use Our Webcam Chat Tips.

    Comment by Anonymous — November 22, 2012 @ 4:31 pm

  14. I agree, “Don’t Share Your Contact Information…until you know people well”. That goes for websites as well as members there. Could it be that I have found a trustworthy dating site in CF? I believe so. I pray for the protection of its members, and perhaps God will protect you from this scenario. However, you are bolder than me to post your photos to the world wide web, if you do so, which is an interesting catch-22 for a dating site.

    It is good to learn from your mistakes, but better to learn from the mistakes of others. This scenario happened to a friend. They posted their photos online (to apparently a decent site). But their profile appeared on what I believe is a fraudulent scammer site. It took months for the scammer site to remove their profile. Perhaps because I had advised my friend not to provide more contact information during the effort to have it removed. We do not know if that is the only site which posted their profile without permission.

    Once your photo is online (or shared in another way — perhaps through email), anyone who sees it can use it for any purpose. Of course you should consider if that matters to you. Perhaps it does not. When I find my match, I will surely ask her to remove her profile. But members may want to consider removing their photos now.

    I also agree with 1 Timothy 5:18 which supports CF getting paid for this service. But I’m not fond of repetitive fees and would want to switch to free communication at least before my paid membership was going to charge me again. This works for email: I have not thought it through for Instant Messengers or FaceTime video chat. For email, you can use a free site such as hotmail, yahoo, or gmail and never exchange your main email address. Aliases can also be made for hotmail and yahoo, but gmail’s alias technique would expose your real email address. Emails can be filtered to go to a spam folder. Also, if I share a specific email address or alias I will usually know who sold it if I start receiving spam there.

    Obviously don’t send or request money to some stranger/company on the internet you have not checked out. Even though I trust this site, my credit card company provides a “Virtual Credit Card”, and I intend to use it when I become a paid member.

    I agree with Shakespeare. “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet”.
    - Romeo & Juliet.

    And I’ve seen profiles which obviously do not use their real names, and I see no problem with that. So hopefully this won’t get me banned. My name is not “Rodney”, but my age is within 1 year of what you see in my profile.

    In general, provide information on a need-to-know basis.

    Good luck, and may God bless and protect you.

    Comment by "Rodney" — December 3, 2012 @ 3:27 pm

  15. Hi Rodney,

    You raise a lot of important points. The first question is how to protect your identity. We have a system that only displays your images when others have logged-in. This prevents your pictures from being found by automated search engines, reducing most of the problem. Of course it’s possible that someone could still copy your images by creating an account. We also allow you to hide your profile if this is a concern for you. Then only the users who you have added to your saved profiles list will be able to see your pictures. Of course you could also choose simply to not post any pictures. You have to evaluate for yourself whether the disadvantage (fewer people will write to you) outweighs the advantage.

    Secondly, you mentioned the billing system. We recommend to our members to have a long-term subscription to our site – the best option is to start with platinum, which is for 1 year initially, then continues at just 9.99 per month. Our site is not simply a listing of profiles, but rather it has far more benefits than that. A long-term relationship is well worth it. Think about it, if you are investing thousands and thousands of dollars in travel and immigration, comparatively around 30 cents per day is quite inexpensive for a service like ours that will help you on an ongoing basis to keep your relationship strong. We provide video/audio/text chat for most membership levels that you can use to continue communicating with your friends and family. We provide immigration and cross-cultural insights. And we provide networking in the event that you or your fiance relocates. Having a support network like ours will enable you and/or your fiance to find friends anywhere in the world through our site. Finding quality friends after a relocation is one of the important factors in making that new situation work for everyone. As we continue to improve our networking and discussion forum aspects of Christian Filipina, the community will continue to grow and support each other. Some people choose to be on our site only for a few months while they are meeting people, and they are welcome to do so at the present time. In the future we plan to remove the shorter-term membership options because they make it more difficult to keep the site safe by encouraging site members to do things that get themselves in trouble and make it harder for everyone.

    Finally, we do require you to have an accurate name in your profile. We allow that you can use a real nick-name, or middle name; however we believe that simply using a fake name is not appropriate for an honest community, which is what we are here. So please be sure to follow this guideline.

    Comment by Christian Filipina — December 3, 2012 @ 4:07 pm

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