Online Dating Operator Explains How and Why Scammers Are Permitted to Run Rampant On Dating Sites

Online dating sites - both mainstream and niche - have developed symbiotic relationships with scammers, claims Christian Filipina dating site operator.

Peter Christopher Claims Dating Sites Allow Scammers to Deceive Their Members

In fact, website owners set up their sites to attract scammers; it is these scammers that bring in the most money for the site owners in a devilish symbiotic relationship.


Los Angeles, California (PRWEB)

September 30, 2013

Peter Christopher, owner of Christian Filipina and cofounder of HonestDatingSites.Org, claims that mainstream and niche dating sites actually permit scammers to operate on their sites because they have found it to be profitable for them, no matter the impact on their members.

In his first Honest Dating Sites Video Blog, Christopher argues that the sites themselves are not victims of scammers, but rather are in partnership with scammers. "In fact, website owners set up their sites to attract scammers; it is these scammers that bring in the most money for the site owners in a devilish symbiotic relationship. The sites will claim to be fighting scammers, but that is misleading. The only aspect of scammer behavior that sites deplore is the credit card chargebacks from fraudulent use of stolen credit cards. On the other hand, scammers who don’t upgrade at sites - who instead try to get legitimate members to pay by posting compelling stolen images and profile descriptions - are welcome at major global, national, and niche sites."

Christopher points out that customers are depending on dating site owners to properly screen users and keep scammers off their sites, and that the industry at large has compromised, choosing profit over responsibility. Scamming is big business and is more common than honest business practice in the dating industry.

“Together with L.A. based Dream Connections and China Love Match Net, Christian Filipina has now cofounded the International Alliance for Honest Dating Sites, with a website at HonestDatingSites.Org. "We are just getting started exposing the dark side of this industry," said Christopher. "And we are committed to educating the sincere men and women who deserve better, to assist them to successfully find true love. Expect more to come from this alliance."

HonestDatingSites.Org lists the following in its code of conduct:

Truth in Advertising

Direct, Human Screening of All Members (men and women) for Sincere Relationship Intent (not algorithmic or external agency profile review/approval)

Support those with Relationship Intent (not sex tourism)

Vigilant Internet Security Precautions

Protect Member Privacy

Peter Christopher appeared on the BBC Scotland’s groundbreaking investigation Tainted Love, cited for his work exposing deceptive practices in the dating industry. His self-published book Global Fiance Philippines is scheduled to be released in November 2013. He and his wife Milyn Christopher, owners of Christian Filipina dating, live near Hilo, Hawaii.

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