Hawaii-Based Filipino Dating Site Owner Stands Out as Model of Integrity on BBC

Filipino focused web site owner featured as trusted executive on “Scotland Investigates” report “Tainted Love” investigating deceptive practices and profile-selling in the online dating industry.

Filipino dating site owner Peter Christopher

Christian Filipina dating site campaigns against bad practice in the dating industry.


Hilo, Hawaii (PRWEB) July 31, 2013

Peter Christopher, owner of ChristianFilipina.com Filipino dating site along with his wife Milyn Christopher, was selected as a trusted industry representative to explain the dating industry. In the investigation Tainted Love by Scotland Investigates, BBC reporter Fiona Walker documented the BBC's investigation into unethical business practices used in the four billion dollar online dating industry. She interviewed dating site users, former dating company employees, and even one man whose profile was for sale online without his permission.

Christian  Filipina  founder  Peter  Christopher  was the  only dating industry executive who appeared in the report. In  the words of  Fiona  Walker, Christian  Filipina “campaigns against  bad  practice  in  the industry.”  Mr. Christopher lent his insight on the state of the online dating industry, stating in the program that, "Inside the dating industry there’s almost an attitude of invincibility. Executives tend to believe that they will not be suffering from anything more than a small fine if anything. In many cases, just ripping people off and breaking their hearts.

Christian Filipina is a trusted dating site where Christian Filipino women and men meet Christian singles from the Philippines and all over the world. Christian Filipina has had over 150,00 members since its inception in just four years ago in 2009. With over 10,000 visits per day and an active membership of over 20,000, Christian Filipina is a thriving singles destination. 


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