Gifts Help Love Bloom or Wilt with Women from the Philippines

Gifts Help Love Bloom or Wilt with Women from the Philippines

Reaching out to touch that someone special just got easier, even from thousands of miles away - thanks to Christian Filipina. The international dating site has introduced a program to allow members to send flowers and other appropriate gifts to Filipina women, a perfect alternative to the counterproductive practice of sending money.

New York, NY (PRWEB) July 19, 2013

Christian Filipina, an international dating site that has served more than one hundred thousand people in its first four years, has started on online store where its members can easily take a blossoming relationship to the next level by sending their new friends a touch of caring in the form of flowers or a T-shirt.

"Meeting a possible soulmate across continents has become easy and exciting with the online services provided by companies like Christian Filipina, but having something to physically touch and hold onto has been difficult," says CF Founder, Peter Christopher.

"Now you can show somebody that they're real to you, and that you do care for them, in a way that is appropriate and considerate," advised Christopher. Members can show ladies their interest by clicking on the new online store and ordering a dozen red roses to be delivered, with a message from the member who is reaching out from another country. The price of $49.99 includes timely delivery forflowers to the Philippines.

"Using an international delivery service to send a gift can take an average of 7 to 10 days, but ordering in house from CF's Philippines office only averages 2 business days, plus, the sender is dealing with representatives they trust," said Customer Service Rep Rachel del Rosario.

"With the distance, one challenge is making a relationship close and personal," she noted. "This will definitely add a spark to whatever relationship they already have. When the man makes such an effort, it will bring a big smile to his lady's face."

"The generally poor standard of living across the Philippines has historically led men to think they should send money," del Rosario added, "but that never turns out well, which is why we prohibit our members from requesting or sending money to people they haven't met in person yet." Christian Filipina in fact has listed sending money as one of the top mistakes in Filipina Dating.

Christopher cautioned, "Family members, in particular, can get the wrong idea if money arrives for their daughter or sibling. This confusion does not enter the picture with an appropriate gift such as flowers or a T-shirt." The new online store allows one to send flowers or T-shirts instead.

The shirts are emblazoned with "I found my soulmate at Christian Filipina" across the front and "friends, family, fellowship and love" on the back underneath the company's online address, The basic model will be delivered for $49.99, while personalization, including pictures and / or names, can be added for an additional fee.

Whichever way a member chooses to reach out, it's sure to put a personal touch on the international dating scene.

Christian Filipina, founded in 2009, offers comprehensive articles on dating Filipinas, a popular forum, and an extensive testimonial section of thousands of past members who have already found love online via Christian Filipina.

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