Christian Filipina Protects Against Online Dating Scams

Online dating site installs safety protocols

HILO, HI (June 12, 2012) In Canada police report online dating scams are on the rise. Earlier this year the FBI in the U.S. sent out a warning about dating scams. And, a 2011 study in England found 200,000 people were victims of online dating scams.

The scammers are everywhere, and use different disguises, but they are all the same: people pretending to be who they are not. And, because most online dating sites haven’t installed safe protocols or educated their members as to the risks, scam artists easily get onto the sites, play with people’s emotions and defraud them out of hundreds or thousands of dollars.

It’s because of that lack of safety on dating sites that Peter and Milyn Christopher, of Hilo, Hawaii, decided in 2009 to build a safe and honest dating site, Christian Filipina, using the same online technological protocols used by banks. And, this month they completed a safety update on the site to make it 100 percent secure, the first Filipina dating site to do so.

“All users browse our site in secure SSL mode, which protects them against eavesdropping,” said Peter Christopher, co-founder of Christian Filipina. “Our technology shuts the door on scam artists, and we are the first Filipino dating website to use these safe protocols sitewide. Our members are safe on our site.”

ChristianFilipina.Com advises:

  • Never send money to someone you have met online, but have not met in person. Call the site's 800 number if ever asked or tempted to do this.

  • Beware of the “immigration scam.” It’s really a network of liars who say they can help offer a job as a nanny or another shortcut around immigration law. They request money to process the paperwork then disappear.

  • Beware of the “package scam.” They pretend to send a package of goods and money, but then claim they need a few hundred dollars to cover a shipping problem.

A full list of Christian Filipina's online dating safety tips and testimonials can be found on their website.

About Christian Filipina

Christian Filipina is dedicated to helping men and women around the world find friends and partners for life. 70,000 men and woman have joined Christian Filipina since 2009. Current active membership is 17,000.

Contact: Peter Christopher


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