Filipina Women Fall in Love with Men from Australia and New Zealand at Christian Filipina

More than two thousand men have joined, and dozens of them are already happily engaged or married to their soulmates. Friendships that start online with Christian Filipina penpals exchanging pictures quickly develop to love between soulmates.

Happily Married Couple From Philippines and New Zealand

I would like to give my million thanks to the staff and the owner of this dating site. Through this site I have found my true love and best friend. Thank you so much and more power! -Danny, 52, N.Z.

Nobody wants to be taken advantage of by a scammer on a dating site, or by a dating site that is itself fraudulent.

Sydney, Australia (PRWEB) May 20, 2013

Men from Australia and New Zealand in increasing numbers are developing relationships with women from other countries. Women from the Philippines are finding success meeting them online at trusted sites, such as Christian Filipina, known for looking out for the safety and well-being of their men and women members.

"Our guys have told us why they love Christian Filipina. They love the safety of finding a site they can trust. They love the friendly user interface and dedicated customer service. They love the affordable monthly prices with no hidden fees or charges," said Christian Filipina President Peter Christopher.

A lot of men already have learned the hard way in their past that in online dating, not everyone is who they say they are. Nobody wants to be taken advantage of by a scammer on a dating site, or by a dating site that is itself fraudulent. We have spent five years learning about the international dating industry, and we found that many of the dominant international dating businesses are not succeeding in protecting their members. Many of the international romance companies are actually mail order bride catalog publishers gone awry. They have gone from selling catalogues of outdated pictures to subcontracting their profile verification to external agencies with a vested interested in falsifying profiles and letters. But the guys are figuring it out, and they are looking for sites that have a proven track record of success, not a string of unfulfilled promises. They don't want a free or paid site full of scammers, or an overpriced site where paid chat with paid models is falsely presented as dating. They want to be treated with respect and are willing to pay an affordable monthly membership fee, so they can meet real people and develop real relationships.

"Online dating has the potential to connect sincere people from countries thousands of miles apart. We are proud that we help men and women achieve that dream to find a soulmate who shares their values and wants to develop a lifelong relationship."

At Christian Filipina, men and women from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Chirstchurch, and all over the region, are finding that site that they can trust. They learn how to meet Filipinas from our research articles and videos. They learn a few words of tagalog (the Filipino language) from our articles and videos (though since Filipinas already speak English, this is just for fun). They are able to date women, chat online, fall in love, and get married to their Filipina bride. Chrisian Filipina also has a vibrant forum where members discuss important topics of their own choosing, and an extensive testimonial section.



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