CF Widens its Lead As Trusted Singles Service With Intro of Unconditional Satisfaction Guarantee

Building on its reputation as the most trusted online destination for singles in Asia, Christian Filipina continues to put its members first by insisting that if they are not satisfied, they can have their money back..

Peter Christopher, Owner of Christian Filipina

As far as I know, this is the one and only guarantee of its kind offered by any online dating site.

Houston, TX (PRWEB)

October 31, 2013

"With our introduction of the Satisfaction Guarantee, we further align our interest with those of our members, the sincere singles who seek to safely meet others online,” said Peter Christopher, owner of Christian Filipina. “As far as I know, this is the one and only guarantee of its kind offered by any online dating site."

Mr. Christopher claims that most dating services are broken due to focusing on marketing rather than quality of service. “Large and small dating sites alike have become successful by maximizing their revenue per click. What has been left out of this equation is providing quality service. In any normal industry, businesses that provide low quality customer experience go broke because nobody comes back. But online dating is unique. Those who join and pay an online dating site and are scammed often never recognize that they were duped by the site itself.

Consumers don’t realize that major dating sites deliberately allow scammers to register on those sites in order to lure in innocent men and women to become paying members. They don’t realize that many major dating site profiles are created by professional ‘motivators’ - often subcontracted overseas - who are paid to correspond, in order to trick visitors to join and keep paying those sites.

“Consumers falsely trust the sites they find via search engines, on the internet and television. And those search engines and other advertising mediums are in on the take from these scams. They take in tens of millions of dollars per day to advertise low-quality sites to consumers. Why? Because those sites, using fraudulent business models, can afford to pay more per click.

“We are cutting through the haze of deceptive, dishonest, and despicable practices in the industry with this guarantee. When we reviewed the guarantees offered by other dating sites, we noticed a pattern: they aren’t guarantees at all, but rather just another set of marketing gimmicks.

“Our guarantee is rock solid. If any man or woman who joins Christian Filipina isn’t completely satisfied with the service, they can simply call or email us within 30 days, and we will refund their entire membership fee. The only way Christian Filipina can afford to offer this unconditional satisfaction guarantee is because we offer an effective means for people to meet and get to know one another. This sets us apart from the majority of mainstream national and international sites, which are ironically, not effective at helping real men and women meet.

“We call on other sites to clean up their act so that they too can offer this basic measure of quality to their members. Those in the service industry only deserve to make money when we provide a quality service. We hope this guarantee serves as an inspiration for other sites to increase the quality of their services, increase their prices, and earn more by providing a higher quality service. Racing to the bottom of the consumer experience quality scale in order to compete for clicks has left this industry heartless, and broke - but with nowhere to go but up.”

Christian Filipina features a forum, educational and research articles, testimonials, educational videos, and a lively singles community. Over 200,000 men and women have joined, and more than 10,000 login each day. Thousands of men and women have already met and found love at Christian Filipina.


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