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he love is a beautiful flower that it is necessary to have the anger of go to look for on the edge of a cliff.

Hello my name is July and I am 45years old I am Cuban and I live in the city of the habana I want I look for marriage sincerity to have a family with harmony and trnura pacion .soy paramedic and work in the intensive therapy of a surgical clinical hospital. I like my work a lot and I am already 20 years old of of experience in this activity. It makes proud me my work because every time that except for a life for me is an achievement and a success in my profession. For that you that I can return him the hope and the happiness of living again when playing somebody with my hands.

Mis likes is the music, to read a good book. I enjoy the beach of the sand so white and so soft very much, of the breeze of the sea. I love chocolate the scent to sea the flavor to a romantic one and in love with the life but I am not happy in the love, I am looking for a woman… ..que is my friend that is my partner, my lover, that is everything for me. That he/she wants to be part of my life. I want to have a serious and formal relationship that is not based on deceits and lies. I am willing to give all my love unconditionally.

Alone that is not I possible to consent to your it paginates every day to be able to communicate with you for what I would like very much that you wrote me to this same address of correo.q I have him n he/she marries

If you dare I swear that you won't be sorry,

Awaiting your answer
He/she NOTICES The truth of the love it doesn't reside in a kiss and a flower, but rather he/she goes further on, where the hearts can join and abrirCE ASIA the truth. And TOGETHER to TRIUMPH AND to ELIMINATE ALL THE BAD Q AVECES doesn't SEE AND we HAVE we COHABIT WITH IT AND OUR COUPLE doesn't MAKE US SEE AND she HELPS US to OVERCOME US AND to BE PEOPLE DIFERENTS IN THE SOCIETY FOR ALONE Q you/he/she is WE THE SOLUTION you BELIEVE ME, BSOOO writes me to the mail I have it At home BSOOO love deceo marriage with you we are healthy and mature persons and I think that if we want something in the alive one alone we have left intentr and to give our step alfrente and provar for q the time happens and speedy and anything hemo s tosses we attempt it something serious of heart and love affection fondness that it is the root in everything in the couple in the life that god opens us the one on the way to the happiness escribem if these willing one to love and to be loved and to form a family together and sr my couple my wife my friend for a lifetime besoooo your July
hello love never imagines encontr a goddess woman it tosses the beauty it tosses reality my dreams my fantacias my alone anelos with looking at you your pretty face your tender lips your eyes radiant yeno of light I fell in love with your smile, you conquered me with your look, and in spite of not having you, I am crazily in love .quiero decrite q he/she doesn't open distncia neither rivers neither lakes q q they move away us my anelos and dreams and ilucions of having you join my conocert to complete my dreams of marrying to have my famili to their side if uted believes q he/she is the man for its home and of all l life ahy I will be precente for acerlo reality I don't have children but I like many the family l home to enjoy d my couple my mujr q q he/she wanted it was ustd love disculpam and the extensive q h but my heart my soul I give it to ustd my queen it inspires me to amrte to the love to the fanatcis to the beautiful of the life he/she offers us every day escribem ami mail aveces me difficult s to enter to intrnd l connection often falls besooo mua escribme q cres of my q you want in the life and which are your anelos and dreams and goals for relizar future cuentme my wife, .besoos.To love you an entire life
To love you an entire eternity
to be reflected in your smile
that wants and something more.
And today the expressed thing in this verse
that nobody in this Universe,
where god evoked us
it will be capable in the world
"Of loving you more than me". July you write me TO MI EMAIL 5353819550 I please speak Spanish you write me in Spanish

ove wants q you are my esposaa and together to love us all the eternity
write me

love loves you and I want to MARRY WEDDING you you WRITE ME IN ENGLISH OR SPANISH OR FRENCH can COME TO VAT I LIVE IN L HAVANA love translates me in Spanish or English or French for entedernos speak Spanish

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