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USER ID: 710101

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When I was with her, time passed too quickly,
When we were apart, it passed too slowly,
With that first kiss, time stood still,
Truly to know love and be loved are among God\'s greatest treasures for mankind.

Yet, time can be an enemy to that love,
If we embrace the world\'s pleasures without God,
A relationship without God may last,
But a relationship with God is lasting and fulfilling.

When we truly love God,
We can love others more completely,
A successful relationship between a man and a woman,
Has God at its very center.

Love should only grow stronger,
It should always gain in flavor, in magnitude and in zeal,
Then, even as time passes, two hearts can become as one,
And there can still be those moments, when time stands still.

It is said that the heart is but a muscle,
Yet it’s believed that love resides there,
Perhaps, because it is near the center of our chest,
That we feel so empty when our heart is broken.

It is said that time heals all wounds,
Yet there but one medicine for healing an aching heart,
As one heart reaches out to touch another heart,
Life has a new beginning as two hearts become one.

There isn’t any greater love than God’s love for us,
Yet a Christian who learns to love through God’s guidance,
Learns to love more completely and more deeply,
It is here where life truly begins to blossom and bear fruit.

A life’s fulfilment will never be found in another person,
Yet where there is true love, two hearts beat as one,
Two lives are intertwined and time stands still,
Real fulfilment is found in serving each other.

God provided the sacrifice, because He loved us,
Even so, the love of another requires sacrifice,
As with His Son, Jesus, sacrifice was made pure joy,
So also sacrifice for the one you love becomes one of joy.

Time may not heal all wounds,
But a heart that is full of the love of another,
Heals brokenness and fills emptiness,
It is there that life becomes brand new.

A man who seeks the Lord with his whole heart!

A worldly man considers his own needs first before others,
But a man who walks with God, sees the needs of others before his own,
A worldly man lacks compassion,
But a man who knows Christ\'s love shows it to others,
A worldly man strives for dominance,
But a Christ-centered man seeks to serve,
A worldly man\'s heart is for the things this world can offer,
But a Spirit-filled man\'s heart is for relationships,
May my mind, heart and soul ever continue its upward call,
That the invisible Christ becomes shown in me.

I am only who I am and where I am because of Him, but to meet others who are called for His purposes along the path through life is what gives full meaning to one\'s existence.

I have drunk deeply of the fount of love,

I have felt the loneliness and coldness of rejection.

I have tasted of the things the world calls sweet,

And for all the world’s promises, in the end it left me with the bitterness of sin.

I have tried to fill my life with things the world offers,

And in the end, I was filled with emptiness.

I have tried to reach perfection,

And in the end, I failed miserably.

I had thirsted and hungered after something that would satisfy,

In the end, it left me dry and starving for something more.

Hopeless and depressed, I despaired even of life itself,

And then I met the Son of Man.

I have drunk deeply of the fount of His love,

And I have felt the warmth of His encompassing acceptance.

I have tasted of the Lord’s goodness,

For all that the Lord promised has left me with the sweetness of salvation.

He has filled me with His Spirit,

And in the end, I have been made whole.

Today, I know I can’t reach perfection,

And in the end, He has made me complete.

I had thirsted and hungered after something that would satisfy,

In the end, He has prepared a banquet for me.

Filled with hope and gratitude, I rejoice for life itself,

And I am so glad that I met the Son of Man.

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