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Hug!!! hi this is Prince Charming I know I've been absent....But now I'm here to slay the dragon sweep you off your feet and yes this ain't a dream..... Prince Charming has a castle aka my house.... in New Mexico Albuquerque it's a two bedroom one bath..... so I need to fill my house full of people so.... I'm looking for my wife...To make a baby with her and start a family.... upgrade soon maybe late September..... so if I wink at you I just imagine it as kiss and hugs that I'm giving you xoxoxo..... so if you imagine being my wife and making a baby with me and starting a life together continue to wink at me.... and in late September we could text each other and I could find out what kind of qualities you have and see if it's what I'm looking for.....Hug!!! it's all your fault all I could do is picture holding your hand and pulling you into me and holding you tight........... so come sit next to me so I can whisper in your ear some information about myself.... it was real hard for me growing up because I had dyslexia and no one knew what it was so I really didn't get a good education growing up, so it let me into a life of doing manual labor jobs right now I'm I've been at this lumberyard breathing in hot exhaust from the forklift and working in warm temperatures 94 to 100 degrees with a 45 min lunch, with that 45 minutes I go to the library and use their Wi-Fi so I don't eat up my data winking and imagining the winks are hugs and kisses I'm sending to my future wife through Christian Filipina..... enough about work, my job's good for now it pays the bills and it's bringing me one step closer to you so it makes it all worth it.... as you can notice I'm very touchy-feely ....Hug kiss!!!! I'm a Morning Bird I love waking up in the morning eating breakfast, Oh my days off Saturday Sunday I usually go bowling or catch the newest movie.... or catch up with old friends and family members.... Sunday is my dog's Day Isley walking at the park for an hour and afterwards I try to finish as much laundry as I can before I pay my respects to the Lord himself and go to church..... have a good sense of humor I'm very blunt don't get upset if I say something that might offend you it just my way I'd like to see a lot more I had it written down I spent a couple writing down the qualities I had on piece of paper.... it's hard to think about when you don't got your cheat sheet with..... but I try to be a man of my word..... I'm very passionate about drawing well I was until I crushed my hand at work I had a dream of meeting a beautiful woman or seeing a beautiful woman at a restaurant or bar..... and drawing her portrait on a napkin and going up to her and sliding the napkin with her portrait on it ....and looking deeply into your eyes and telling you I know I couldn't capture your true beauty.... but I'd like to find out what makes you happy and keep doing it.... I know I know I sound like a dork I'm a hopeless romantic but that's what got me started into drawing I really wanted to draw a family portrait..... and draw the woman I love and hopefully I was going to meet her that way I thought it would be a good way to meet my soulmate but it is what it is.... it's very hard to type with big thumbs on a phone so if I misspell any words bear with me..... I still try to draw with my hand but it's not as good quality....I get discouraged but I'm very passionate about my drawing..... I know one day I'll get back to my drawing level where I once was this is just a brick in the road.... so what I'm getting down to is I love American football I'm very passionate about drawing I like nothing more to eating bacon and eggs in the morning and my favorite color is red what more do you need to know about me let's get married!!!..... tomorrow for lunch alright what I'm looking for in a woman and some of the qualities I'm not going to give all of them that's a that's a secret but the women that's been winking back at me and imagine a life with me thank you I appreciate what you been doing in the sacrifices you're making for us and me I just want to say I appreciate it and I think about you and imagine us!!!!..... see you later pretty lady kiss bye.....For now.................Kiss!!!Hi my my princess, I'm Chad nice to finally meet you.....:) since I have you still sitting next to me I could whisper more in your ear.... this is what I'm looking for in my future wife, she has to be a princess from the Philippines that's you..... be willing to put in the effort into us.... like you have been winking back at me..... sense of humor, friendly and sociable, loving and affectionate, I like holding hands hugs pulling you next to me when we're sitting on the couch and wrestling....Haha I know I'm a dork. I'd like her to come work out with me at least twice a week, friendly and sociable when we meet new people when we go out.... ambitious or passionate about something if you want to be a dinosaur I'll support you no matter what or whatever your goals are.... I'm looking for you to be understanding and empathetic, intelligent and smart, someone to speak her mind...... holding the same values as I do cuz it's US versus the world that's the way I see things.....Kiss! I want her to wear a dress at least once a month so I could take her out and show her off to the world.... also want a girl to cuddle with on the couch or just sit next to you while eating dinner.....My bio is already looking like a novel...... if you don't got these qualities it's not a deal-breaker he'll there's some qualities that apply notice when we're together that all love or traits that you have that I might have missed because it's real hard texting on a phone thrill hard to make it even harder I should be standing in a rainstorm while getting wet, but.....if this is not what you're looking.....Or you can't imagine us together well I wish you the best....Hug!!! but if you can imagine us making a baby together sitting on the couch holding hands going for walks putting on a dress for me so I can show you off making every guy jealous by all means keep winking cuz I do imagine Winx as kisses and hugs cuz in September late September I am going to get membership and we'll start talking and planning our future together.... until then my princess....Kiss hug!!!Love Chad....

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25 to 42 (Strict age limits: no)
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High School Graduate or Some College
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210 lbs (95.2 Kg)
6' 4" (193 cm)
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King James
Christian / Catholic
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