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I am Very Rich In Christ! & a Very Funny Man!

OK... This Is My Book So Here You Go...
It will only take 3 minutes, so get a cup of coffee...

Chapter 1:
I have a love of people, and I LOVE to make them laugh. What makes me tick is knowing Jesus forgave me, and loves me! And because of this, I live for the gospel. I never feel closer to Him than when I am sharing his love, or take time to worship him alone.. or with my brothers and sisters anywhere. The Lady's on this site need to know that I am no phony, I am what I say. I would be happy to provide the phone numbers of My Pastor or as many men or women that would make you feel safe... if we pursue a relationship. Also I would like to add something about texting for men. We aren't VERY good at it! If You Find A Man Who Is ...He Needs to Get a JOB!... And spell check is from the devil, I'm pretty sure! Its not in scripture, but I'm just saying!
Chapter 2:
I am a well educated country boy, a regular guy who can articulate his feelings and will actually talk to a woman, and I've spent my life learning your love language so I might be effective with the gospel, and in a relationship with you.
I've been single, and celibate for 12 years now raising my son. I want a lady who will be faithful till death do us part.

Chapter 3:
I will be supportive of you and what you bring to the marriage, I want a Wife that will serve God with me, with all our hearts, mind, soul, and strength, that will pray for each other, be my friend, my confidant, my adviser and the love of my life.
I will do the same. I want someone who will prefer me over all others in this world...isn't that what we all long for? Out of the 7 billion people in this world, We only need one, Just For Us!
The Bibles clear: 1.Jesus, 2. Spouse, 3. Family, 4. Work. If Jesus is first, and stays first in my life, then to do something wrong to my loved ones, I Must Do To Jesus First!... I don't like to hurt Jesus!
So, this is! I'm a package deal, you see what you get and you get what you see, no games, no drama, no foolishness.
I would love to make Laugh until your sides and cheeks hurt as much and as often as I can. (Some Soreness and Swelling May occur, Ask your Doctor If it is safe for you to experience prolonged laughter, As with some people it can result in Headaches, and shortness of breath LOL )
I will make you feel cherished, loved and secure with all that I am. I will make your grey skies blue, your blue skies bluer!
I am a born protector with servants heart.

Chapter 4:
I have been in the Rocky Mountains of Idaho, all my life. The Rockies are in my DNA. I live on the river. I made this house a home after stripping it to the studs and then put my hands to every detail in it with the idea that I was home for the rest of my life. I Love being out of town a few miles with the majestic mountain views all around me, and the River in front of me ( I don't have to leave to fish ether.) To me this all just screams God's glory! I see myself sharing this home with someone for the rest of my life. That's what I have in mind anyway. But only God knows. Next, Just So you know, I like Children, I like to fish, I like to walk, some hiking, 4 wheeling , photography, wildlife, Small traveling, animals of all kinds. I like to sit on the edge of the river, or BBQ, sit out at the fire pit, and watch snow falling, ... Heck I like darn near everything...except mushrooms and people that hurt others... Physically especially!

Chapter 5:
A Sister in Christ Told me that "Most men and Women are too dumb to see what is right in front of them, they are hung up on looks, so they keep looking for the same type of person they always have had, thinking this time it will all be soooo magical....Until they finish the honeymoon! Then out comes the alcohol, porn, or drugs...HELLO!" Not me, I'm Solid!
OK, in full disclosure im not so solid around the middle, But Dang it I am in every other way!
Before you consider contacting me, or take another step, ask yourself how important it is to be in close proximity to your family, and would you be willing to relocate?

Chapter 6:
Once upon a time their were 2 Christians, who desperately loved each other and put Jesus first in their life and in the center of their marriage. And God Blessed the couple, and they served God with all there heart, mind and strength....To be continued!

Now don't be shy, go for it.
Hope you got a smile on your face, then I'm happy too!

PS I have discovered, that some of the Men on here are lukewarm Christians, sadly some of the ladies say. And some who are only looking for sex. So Don't Be afraid to ask to talk to their Pastor of their Church on the Phone. And check out their Church's Website to see if the church he tells you he attends really exists, and it will have the Pastors name on it as well. If He will not give you the information, and gets upset...Then He is Not caring for you and he is NOT a Good/Nice Man And maybe Not a Christian at all. Dump Him!

I will Be Glad to Provide any Lady That I talk with if we are getting serious with My 2 pastors phone Numbers and our church's web site!

Thank you!
God's bless you,

Additional Information

Prefers to Meet Age:
25 to 52 (Strict age limits: no)
Marital Status:
Graduate degree
Caucasian (white)
Body Type:
A few extra pounds
Over 222 lbs (101 Kg)
6' 1" (185 cm)
Have children:
Yes - at home part-time
Want children:
Preferred Bible Version:
New International
Willing to Relocate:
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