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Hello everyone..
I am back after 11 months of being married to the person who ruined my life and broke my heart when we were still single and add my agony after marriage.

I am a one man woman, once someone caught my attention and l feel like he is the one l am looking for, l then stop talking to someone else that is why l stop opening this site after my parents force me to marry my ex who ruin my life because l've got pregnant with our 2nd child when he force me to go with him after knowing that l already had found a guy who is willing to marry me inspite of what had happened to me in the past.

I really thought my parents were right of chosing him instead of the person who really had made me happy since the day we met Online until the day l gave him up because l listen to what people around me said but now l come to realize that l was very very wrong...

My life never been so happy since the day of our marriage..

We argue almost everyday because he always opposed on my decision and suggestions..
Even on small thing like putting more season on the food he cooked or staying in my parents house and take care of our pig, computer gaming station, small convenient store, small water station and supervising the carpenters in constructing the house that l started when l was still single.

I thought he was sincere with his promised to my parents and family.
I thought he really mean it and is really doing his best to win my families trust but he became worst..
He now smoke a lot..
Gamble a lot and left home early and go home late at night..

The death of my beloved grandmother serve as a good blessing in disguise for us to went to my biological parent's house last march 10, 2018.

After the burial l decided to stay because my pig is already pregnant and nobody could take good care of it..

And as l ride on his motorcycle everyday in going to school l teach, l always suffer the pain of my caesarean wound l Got when l deliver our Son last October 10, 2017

I thought he will stay with us because we are family and l guess my reason of staying were valid.

But he left us after the burial and went to his parents house and never came back until now.

His family was so mad at me because he said that his reason of not coming with us is that l bypass his father's request that we will stay in their home until our son grow up.

They wont listen to my explaination..

I insisted of not going to his parents home because it is so far from the school l teach and our business is in my parents place.
We've stayed in their house since october up to March, but nothing happened..

We do nothing..
After sending me to school he go home and sleep then eat and go to his friends and play basketball.

Sometimes he forgot to take me home from work.

I feel mad but I do respect his parents decision to let us stay in their house until l recover

And now that l do have a lot of reason to leave in their house l stand firm, with or without him l will choose the place where l can grow by my own and be a responsible parent to my kid.

After the burial he didn't show up to visit us until now so just this morning l went to their house and l tried to talk to him but he is not around, his sister said that she don't know where he is for he always go with his friends for a cockfighting or go somewhere else to play basketball with his team.

It has been a month last april 10 and he never showed up to see us so l decided to talk to his grandparents who raised him up. They called him and we talked..

He was like a kid who just keep on laughing and blaming that it was my fault..

I feel annoyed and l regret more and more of marrying him therefore l made my decision... I said base on the attitude that he showed me today, l therefore conclude that we will never be happy again and it will hurt me more if l keep on holding on so l just asked him what is his final decision, will he come with me or will he stay and he choose to stay in their house so l told him that l will file an annulment for he just prove methat he is an irresponsible husband and father to my son.
We agreed to see an attorney and file an annulment...

I cried not because l am afraid of losing but because of anger and regret of marrying him.

We waste money for the wedding and now we will waste money for the annulment.

But my decision is final.
He is an arrogant and irresponsible husband and father to our son
He has no word to say other than sarcastic laugh and words of blaming me that it was my fault because l bypass his father's decision to let us stay in their house
He always depend on his family..
And he said that he can still find another wife but can't find another parent and family..

It hurt me.. We are also his family that is why my eagerness to file an annulment urge me.. I want our marriage to be invalidate hoping that the man l gave up because of him is still single and is still willing to marry me.

But l guess he is already taken that is why l will just try my luck in here once again.

I will just pray that l will find someone like Richard, the one who made me feel so special.

Good luck to us...

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