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Older, love children, family is everything. Children are Gods way of expressing his grace, and are sacred gifts. Family are those people that give your life context, if you post photos of your children and family I will spend as much time admiring them as I do those with just you, it brings a big smile to my face. Loyalty I value above all else. I do not drink or gamble. Your dreams are important to me. I hope you have a bright mind, but even more important is a loving heart. I am most impressed by women who raise their children as a single parent. I love animals (except cats, unless they are friendly) and am NOT a "city boy". My future wife must be godly in her outlook and stand by me as I stand by her. Her hobbies and dreams are important to me, I think a woman should always pursue things that improve her mind or satisfy her desire for personal growth. If she already has children, this is a plus, because I know she will already know how to love unconditionally. If she has no children, I hope her heart is open to loving the children around her. I would be excited to be the man that her children can depend on and respect. If you see me visit your profile, but leave no wink, it is probably because your stated age preference does not include my age, and I do not wish to intrude. my photo is 6 years old. I found i do not like photos of myself 🙀 As for my relationship with Jesus I take it very seriously, but I do not find myself drawn to speak publicly about it. I prefer to be more quiet when conversing in public. Together with my future wife I dream of giving thanks to my new family. You may wonder why I'm going so slow, I am not in a hurry. I've made mistakes before and am very scared that rushing in will be another, I seek someone that is not in a hurry, and I seek only one. You should not be afraid to admit any weakness or fault you believe you have, I guarantee I've a trait I wish I were different. I am sometimes told I look angry in photos, but in real life I am perhaps the happiest person you will meet.

I should probably add this. I understand that cultures vary, I've travelled and worked in Europe and Asia, but I'm still American and while I'm clearly looking outside my country for a woman, it doesn't mean I understand you or what you're used to acting like. I need patience. If the first thing you ask me is to talk outside of CF I am probably not going to answer, not because I'm not interested but because it's too soon. I prefer to email and talk for a short while first, I find it easier to be clear and avoid misconceptions in writing letters. Oh, one or two things more. I love dogs and horses if you're afraid of them I promise to help you overcome those fears. I know my profile talks a lot about my admiration for single mothers, but it doesn't mean I'm only looking for that - it simply means that if you have children I will love them as well and I have no judgements about your past - as I hope you will not judge mine. If you're hoping for children with me, I'm open to that too. I intend to have a family, and that means everybody is included - wherever we settle your family will be as welcome in our home as I'm sure they welcomed me when we first meet.

If you're afraid I'm a player or scammer, I understand, I have the same fears. Probably the biggest one is that I might miss signs that indicate you are less than honest or have poor spending habits, as the keeper of our household you should have my full trust - if you do not wish to share this trust please pass me by. Believe it or not when I look at the backgrounds behind a woman in the pictures they post, I look for the manner in which you keep your surroundings, and much prefer a picture of you sitting in your own home surrounded by your life, over a picture on a vacation or at a fancy store. Please believe I seek a woman who is modest, kind and beautiful on the inside first. I am not a nag about money or possessions, and I will always be your champion in all things. Our love should grow every day, and anger will never cross our threshold.

As a final note, I'm an American - you are Phillipino - there will be cultural differences that will make both of us scratch our heads and become a little frustrated. While I use social media, and clearly also CF, I am not defined by it. If you think that scratching around like a chicken on Facebook or twitter or Skype or google is going to give you any idea of who and what I am you should prepare yourself for a shock. I friend random people on all those accounts, I do not post anything personal on them aside from occasional tidbits about my day, for about five years Facebook believed me to be a 90 year old Chinese woman living in South America. I started doing it as a fun game, but now I simply do not like the idea that a complete stranger can examine my life. My friends and family know who and what I am, and I'd love to have you learn about me as well - but please do so by talking to me, not stalking me.

Additional Information

Prefers to Meet Age:
25 to 50 (Strict age limits: no)
Marital Status:
Associate degree graduate
Caucasian (white)
Body Type:
Over 222 lbs (101 Kg)
6' 1" (185 cm)
Have children:
Yes - but not at home
Want children:
Not sure
Preferred Bible Version:
King James
Christian / Catholic
Willing to Relocate:
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