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nd traveler. I am an Americano I plan to upgrade. I want to message you back and forth then meet you in person! Maybe go to church together. Then coffee and some yummies. What you think? Or maybe Jollibee's? I no like beer or alcoholic drinks .Maybe a mild one occasionally. I no drink otherwise. El Nido island anyone? OR Dumanguete? A romantic getaway? Get to know each other in a quiet beautiful scenery. Having great food coffee or whatever we want! Camping anyone? Hiking up mountain and exploring cave? Gwapa Gday honey gwapa Gday! This is the day the Lord has made let us rejoice and BE glad in it! Love you! mmmm oh yes. Lets go feed hungry orphaned or abandoned kids. Sound like something you would like to do? I do! Please be patient with me. Its not cheap to upgrade as you know but I will do it. Flight tickets are expensive. I am a man of my word! Soon we will go through the good, the bad and the ugly hehehe, together side by side and we WILL get through it together not alone! but as a team with same goals to achieve for God's glory! We will be stronger for it. God bless you my missing rib! height does not matter even birth defect! so try me please and see that I am always respectful everyone needs to be truly loved! I no tell dirty or insulting jokes that insult women. I no like them They are not funny.Try me and see how I am you will not be disappointed! my jokes may be corny but not disgusting or dirty. I share what I have with you hon. and Protect you honey always.I pray you might be my asawa! Let's give it a try. and make it work. God first always! Hey honey this is joke. hmm what is behind those dark chocolate eyes you have.....OH there you are running around inside having fun hehehe! together we can go through the good, the bad, and the ugly! and come out on top with Jesus's help! I saw video on YouTube on Birigan City, Samar, strange place but fascinating. I love to explore strange places and things. I am here for serious relationship hopefully marry a Pilipina. I no play games with your heart or anyone else's. Not fair to do such things's cruel. Had it done to me and it hurts plain and simple! I'll always be faithful and honest to you hon. I'm loving and caring and passionate and funny sometimes. Serious when I need to be. musically talented. Jesus must be first to make it work hon. Then each other family next. In our love bird nest...hehehe. I see those dark chocolate eyes hon. hmm what is in there? hehehe Oh...THERE.YOU are! hehe LOL If you have kid its OK I'll help make complete family. it's so important to have a complete family. Makes God smile! I''l treat him/her like my own. That is the way it must be and your parents will be respected and loved. Want adventures? I'm the one for that! Cuddle and snuggle together. kootchy koo hehe. I love to have fun times together and travel and treat you out for a good meal and ice cream! Coffee in the morning and morning devotions to the Lord. Then start our day together. I no run away hon. I am responsible man not just an old bag of hormones. I may be older but NOT old! I stay away from "Old people". Keeps me younger for sure! LOL Everything in it's place and time. Jesus is coming back soon we MUST be ready. Tough times coming ahead. We must be prepared for it! God will show us what to do. I will be by your side and never leave you . I am not afraid of commitment like most men who want one woman after another they no want to be tied down to just one. SAD. But it's the way they are mostly. That's why they run away once you are pregnant they find another one and more after that. Not me. God expects better than that! Stability is so important in this age of constant change. Kids need a stable home to come to. So do I and you too. I like most creatures except snake hehe. and spiders. I'm looking for a soulmate. No games.. no cheat or lie, no pervs please! Can't wait to eat your cooking.hehehe Yum!! kissy kissy. mwaaahhh! I may not be a dream man but I am not your worst
nightmare either! hehehe. ill do my best for you and kids! They will be well fed and have good clothes to wear as well as yourself. And a good place to live! Can't ask for more than that.I am financially stable and responsible. You will always know what we have for piso. No secrets.I get every month about PHP40, 000 and if you work we can sit down and do a budget for the family. Sound good? We will hon. I am open to you hon and your ideas besides mine. I'm sending from Amazon next Tuesday romantic music for us to listen to on the beach at night under the stars and moon! Romantic....YES! I am! and affectionate and a little clingy. You can be some clingy. I will walk by your side with pride! Never had bad vices. Not grumpy in the morning. Not moody. Even tempered most of the time. A dreamer and a realist as well. I will treat your kids like my own, so no worry there! They will be well cared for. Oh Yes we will have Internet in our home hon, cuz I love YouTube very much! I learned alot from that site....Thank God! and that's how I am here. God bless us honey. I pray we meet very soon hon. Then off to the beach for a romantic walk. How about Jollibee's what you think hon? Or Pizza Hut? Yum! I no hang around bars, never did! Not my kind of place, rather be home with my family and you of course hon. kisses and hugs to you sweetheart! Hugs to the kids. You will always be respected...always! and your parents and siblings. Best regards to all of us here except pervs. I am serious looking for my soulmate and lifetime partner there pardoner hehe. You know our days are all numbered so lets make the best of them and not waste precious time with players or pervs or alcoholics and shaboo users or cheaters/liars. Being a parent is a challenge not for the weak hearted but for the strong. I pray I am up to the position. I will spoil you and them some at least. How about dark chocolate treats anyone? Oh, my weakness.Love those dark chocolate eyes. hehehe mine are somewhat bluish green. I am devoted to God first then you hon and family. NO games! NO cheat! Always faithful. and generous and out going. Not lazy. Even though I a, retired pensioner. Get my monthly income on the first and the third of every month. Then we go shopping for us hon and the family. That includes your patents or my in laws. I will not let them suffer needlessly if I can help it. Not looking for just gf. I'm loving, caring, and respectful and generous. Romantic and affectionate. Not plastic or fake. Have not upgraded yet sorry! Hope to be there very soon! I miss being there very much. Love the islands so much! Pilipinas are the best! So gwapa! So fun to be around. Yup the best! and the most beautiful. Most fun. Best cooks and house keepers. And.......hehehe Again I NO play games ever! It's not right and I am not like that anyhow. Would never do that to anyone. I rather please Almighty God instead! MIssion work is the best! Feeding the hungry and etc. I plan to have Internet and Netflix! We can watch good movies and I am bringing over 100 good movies hon for us to watch including good family movies. No bad ones. Sound like fun? Yep it will be! I don't have Net access like before! bummer!! Looking for long term relationship with my soulmate leading to marriage!

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19 to 40 (Strict age limits: no)
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Associate degree graduate
Caucasian (white)
Body Type:
139 lbs (63.1 Kg)
5' 5" (165 cm)
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Not sure
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Christian / Methodist
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