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TO ALL THE FILIPINA GIRLS/WOMEN/LADIES LOOKING FOR A TRUE FRIEND/PARTNER / ASSOCIATE/COMPANION FOR A LONG TERM ASSOCIATION/LIFE LONG PARTNERSHIP'' At the outset, I would like to highly appreciate and give kudos to an institution like ''CF'' working painstakingly for many many years connecting females and males looking for suitable partners/associates/courtship/marriage.I appreciate their(CF's) painstaking efforts to verify each and every profile and save the members from being cheated, scammed, fooled and hoodwinked.It's this fine quality of a very genuine site and precise checking that makes ''CF'' stand tall and apart from other friendship/social contact/matrimonial sites.I would love to be a part of this lovely site to find a suitable female filipina friend/companion/partner/associate for myself through this site.Let me introduce myself to all the young/middle-aged/elderly/old girls/women/ladies of ''CF''.I am Mr.Santy from Mumbai City, Mumbai, India heavily well built, strong and robust but having a very soft, spongy body/physique. though looking heavy. I am young looking, handsome, healthy, true, truthful, honest, sincere, devoted, dedicated, dignified, refined, cultured, very polished, open, free, frank, extremely open minded, broadminded and liberal in thoughts and actions thorough Gentleman (wouldn't like to blow my own trumphet, you may see for yourself when we meet), very stylish who loves to dress spic and span fantastically, loves wearing heavy jewellery (but don't wear much jewellery nowadays due to the risk of robbery), love watching Fashion Television(haute couture, pret line, swimsuits, G-strings, bikini shows), latest trends in fashion, designer lingerie, clothing, dresses, loves exercises, callisthenics, walking, yoga, massage, spa, heavy make-up and visiting the salon sometimes to look good.The reason for this is that I have always been an health freak and love exercising/callisthenics and keeping my body handsome, healthy and fit.I started my career as a ''Trainee Body Builder/Weight Lifter'' and took extensive coaching in heavy exercises, callisthenics, body building and weight lifting from my coach Mr.D'sa when I was studying in college. At the same time, I took training in ''Ayurvedic Body Massage'' from an well educated and well qualified expert Kerala Ayurvedic doctor who was a pioneer in Ayurveda in India.I took training for many years from him in various types of ''Body Massages'' (Both therapeutic, rejuvenative and curative) and accompanied him when he used to go to various patients for treating them. He was the leading doctor in a leading hospital in Kerala State, India and was having his own treatment centre/spa in Mumbai , India.Accompanied by the certificate in massage from his clinic, I landed a job in a 5 star hotel health spa as a professional ''Fitness Instructor/Trainer - cum - Body Masseur - cum - Spa Therapist'' and worked there for many many years.I used to do very professional massages to both male and female clients at the spa.I was the most sought after masseur at the spa and received high appreciation for my professional work.I love massaging and massages, the outdoors, travelling to scenic spots, hill stations, beach resorts and studying the cultures, languages, attitudes and religions of the people of all communities and countries.Even now I do massages for males and females only on Sundays and holidays. I love doing massages and get extremely ecstatic, happy and content when I see smiles on the faces of the males and females and the thorough pleasure, enjoyment and satisfaction when they feel fully, totally and completely rejuvenated and relaxed. I also do curative massages.Though I am devout Hindu, I love the Gods and Goddesses of all faiths and religions and consider myself to be a man of ''all religions and faiths''. I really appreciate and applaud the ''Christian'' religion and faith for its true values of love, affection, compassion, generosity and tolerance to all.I appreciate the girls/women/ladies of ''CF'' for being ''true'' Christians and their extreme love for Christianity.I also love Lord Jesus and Mary very very much.Some day, I would want to keep the statues of all the Gods and Goddesses in my house and pray before I start my day's chores.Madame, I am a very decent, true, truthful, honest, sincere, loving, affectionate, passionate, sensuous, educated, very dignified, suave and cultured person having excellent etiquettes, manners, courtesy, humbleness, helping natured, charitable, very co-operative, very understanding and tolerant man.I am very extremely openminded, freeminded , broadminded, liberal, modern, sylish, fashionable and love fashion, designer clothes, funky dresses and love watching Fashion T.V. very very much.I expect my filipina girl/woman/lady to have similar characteristics and attributes especially of honestly, truthfulness, sincerity, bonding and faithfulness.She may be slim or thin or plus sized, beautiful and should be extremely openminded, broadminded, liberal, modern thinking, fashionable, stylish, very loving, affectionate, very passionate and sensuous of true love, affection, passion and sensuousness and be ready for a long term/long lasting affair, preferably, life long. I am very very strictly a ''one woman man'' and not a ''hundred women man''.I strictly believe in high ethics, morals, principles, genuineity, reality, loyalty, commitment, dedication, devotion and sincerity for long term though I am a'' fantasizer'' and a ''dreamer''. I love funky clothes, glitz, glamour, grandeur, opulence, magnum opus and love larger - than - life attitude and portrayals. I love to fantasize and dream the beautiful things of life and ardently hope all my dreams come true with my ''filipina'' girl/woman/lady along with me forever eternally.I am very fun loving, wild, crazy, whacky and enjoy doing all bizzarre, strange and peculiar things. I love females who do not hesitate to wear bold, beautiful and lovely attire in all fabrics which are very trendy , fashionable, stylish and which suits her personality the best.I love bold girls who deviate from the normal, mundane and humdrum, who love to do something very crazy, wild, whacky, unique, different and out - of - the - box things.I love being wild, doing strange, bizzarre, wild and whacky things and experimenting new strange, wild, whacky and crazy things .I would love to participate in the Ri0 de Janeiro carnival , other carnivals and body painting shows of the world and would love my filipina girl/woman/lady to join me or at least be with me.I am very fun loving and love fun very much.I love massage and body painting too much and had modelled as a ''model'' , for art's sake, for sketch/drawing artists and painters many years ago when I was studying in college.I intend doing that, as an art form, whenever I get an opportunity and I do massages as a part time exercise to my known male and female clients who are also my best buddies.I do it for the sheer love and enjoyment of it.I love to see the sheer enjoyment, pleasure and satisfaction they get when I massage them.It's an heavenly experience for them and I get immense satisfaction by seeing them. I love travelling, studying the traditions, cultures, customs, languages, religions, likes, tastes, interests, preferences of all the people in the world and would love to travel all over the world for that purpose.I want my filipina girl/woman/lady to accompany me.I love hugging, cuddling, romance and making true love with my one filipina female.Madame, in normal life, I am very true, truthful, honest, sincere, loving, affectionate, passionate, sensuous, understanding and co-operative and in physical relationship, I am fully, totally, wholly and completely submissive, obedient and slavish. I have worked at the International and Domestic Airports in Mumbai in the ''Travels'' and ''Tourism'' industry as a ''Public Relations Officer ( ''P.R.O.'' ) especially in the Hotels and Travels and Tourism industry for many many years.My job was mainly welcoming tourists to the hotels, arranging reservations of 2/3/4/5 star Hotels, private accomodations like 1/2/3/4/5/6 Bedroom Hall Kitchen apartments, row houses, pent houses, duplexes, triplexes, farm houses and beach them all correct, honest and truthful guidance about various places of tourist interest in India, sightseeing places in Mumbai and all over in India including historical monuments, temples, churches, hill stations, beach resorts, best wonders of India and best sightseeing places, , shopping avenues, arranging for limousine rentals, air, rail and sea bookings etc., etc.Madame, presently, I am into marketing of properties and tourism services.I am representing reputed Builders and Construction companies for their underconstruction, ready, new and resale properties all over Mumbai and all over India.I am a registered and licensed Property Consultant and also a Tourism Arranger/Organiser/Co-ordinater/Facilitater.I have also worked as a ''Guide''/''Escort'' with a Travels &Tourism Company dealing in inbound tourists for sometime.I love films, music, sports, drama, arts, paintings and nature. I am a naturist/naturalist and love yoga, meditation, spirituality and body massages.I would prefer a sophisticated, polished, dignified and a charming female full of warmth, love and compassion and who is a true believer of the Almighty God/Lord.It would be a pleasure to meet such a female and be with her for long term.Life is very short so I would love to enjoy the maximum with my filipina lady love.She may come to Mumbai City, Mumbai to visit me.It would be my pleasure to welcome you.Madame, in future, I would love to stay at a hill station or a beach resort, practise callisthenics, yoga, meditation, spiritualism and keep myself very thin, slim, healthy and fit by strictly subsisting on fruits and vegetables only , lead a naturist's /naturalist's existence.I also intend to start a spa and a salon.Hence, I would prefer a female interested in beauty and fashion.I would prefer a beautician, make-up artist, fashion designer, interior designer, spa therapist, salon manageress, masseuse, pedicurist, manicurist, tatoo artist, housekeeper, cosmetics maker, spiritual healer, faith healer, church worker, teacheress, nurse or a female in any profession or a plain homemaker.Age, caste, creed, language, religion, culture, community or country no restrictions.I welcome filipina females between 18 and 80.Any filipina female ready to accept me as I am and for what I am and having same/similat likes, tastes, interests and preferences most welcome.I am what I am and will be what I am and am unwilling to change since I strongly believe that certain characteristics, attributes, likes, tastes, interests and preferences of a male and a female are inborn and don't change.It's all understanding, c0-0peration, mutual compatibility and adjustments to each other's needs that matters in the end.It's all give and take and adjusting.I sincerely believe so.I love the hills, mountains, lakes, rivers, waterfalls and natural scenic settings and spots.In future, I would love to be in the midst of nature, buy 2 apartments or a villa with many rooms, stay there in one apartment and give the other apartment on ''rent'' to International tourists visiting India Madame, anyor stay in a room of the villa and give the other rooms on ''rent'' to foreign International tourists visiting India.I would also love to open a ''Health spa'' and a ''salon'' there.It's my dream project and I sincerely hop the Almighty God /Lord will give me the finances, physical stamina and mental strength and energy to open such a venture.Please kindly note that I am ready to settle in any part of India or the world if I am able to get a suitable filipina girl/woman/lady.Madame, any devout ''CF'' young girl/middle-aged woman/elderly lady (maybe she may not be too much religious but definitely the God/Lord lovingffearing/worshipping) of any caste, creed, language, religion, community or country (preference to a filipina girl/woman/lady), of any status, rich or poor, single, unmarried spinster, divorced, widowed, married with small or grown up childred or even those women having married children or women unable to conceive due to any reasons are free to contact me through ''winks''initially as currently I am a ''free'' member.I wish to upgrade soon.I am truly a ''one woman man'' and not a ''hundred women man''and firmly believe that women are not commodified objects and sex is everything.I strongly believe in gender equality, respecting women in the highest esteem, in the dignity of women and women's liberation.I am in search of a long term, long lasting fruitful, fulfilling and successful association and partnership.Mam, whatever I have mentioned here is absolutely ''gospel'' truth, every word and sentence is absolutely true and correct.Once you meet me personally you will know for yourself.I am what I am, love to be what I am and would never want to change and I expect the filipina girl/woman/lady not to ask me to change.She too can be her own true self.I don't like artificiality and make believe situations.I am natural and want my filipina friend to be natural.I hate cheaters, fraudsters, scammers.scamsters and hoodwinkers.I wouldn't like to contact such women in my life.I have experienced this situation many times in my life, so, no playing false games.I will accept only ''real'' games.I will share my very intimate and very private matters with my filipina female without any hesitation, shame, inhibitions or reservations and be very very open, free, frank, straightforward and upright with her as a true everlasting friend.No human being is perfect.Every human being has shortcomings, pluses and minuses and it is very important that both the partners accept their shortcomings, plusses and minuses unabashedly.All have their own likes, tastes, interests and preferences.If both partners accept each other's likes, tastes, interests and preferences, the association shall be a thundering success, victory for both and a win win situation for both.Finally, I am waiting for my dream filipina girl/woman/lady to wink at me with both eyes so that I can respond to her as soon as I upgrade.Madame, any takers for Mr.Santy from Mumbai City, India.?Though I am a devout Hindu, I am a firm believer of all Gods, Goddesses and religions. I am impressed by the way all the girls in ''CF'' are devout Christians and imbibe the great values, noble life and teachings of Lord Jesus. BATTING SOLIDLY AT 59, WOULD LIKE TO MAKE A CENTURY. Madame, It would be my pleasure to get myself introduced at a very esteemed/prestigious site like ''CF''. Madame, I am Mr Santy from MumbaiCity, Mumbai, India.I am 59, good physiqued, robust thorough Gentleman, good educated, who is well mannered, refined, polished, highly cultured, having excellent etiquettes/manners from a very decent, highly respectable, reputed and sophisticated family.Madame, by nature, I am true, truthful, trustworthy, honest, sincere, loyal, committed, very open minded, free, frank, broadminded, liberal and sincere person in search of a beautiful, fairly educated, stylish, fashionable, well mannered, polished, refined, cultured girl/woman/lady having excellent dress sense and ready to wear bold western outfits and designer clothes without any inhibitions and reservations.I am always spectacularly attired having excellent dress sense and expect the same from her.I am engaged in the marketing of properties and also a Tourist/Tourism Arranger/Organiser/Co-ordinator. I am a well trained and well experienced masseur.I massage males and females on Sundays strictly by appointments only at their residence.I do the massages for the sheer intense joy, pleasure and happiness they experience and derive when I actually do the massage.I get full, total and complete happiness in their joy. My brief details to all ''filipina'' girls/women/ladies. Madame, I started my life as a ''Body Builder''/''Weight Lifter/Trainer'' with reputed Health Clubs and graduated to work as a ''Fitness Trainer - cum - Masseur'' in a 5 star hotel health spa for many many years. I trained clients in ''Stay fit'' callisthenics, work outs and weight training exercises.I am a trained Ayurvedic/Herbal ''Body Masseur''/''Therapist'' and also gave very professional ayurvedic/herbal body massages and body polish treatments to male and female clients at the 5 star health spa.Later, I also worked at the International and Domestic Airports in the Travels and Tourism industry connected to 3/4/5 star hotels as a ''Public Relations Officer'' (''P.R.O'). Now, I am self employed engaged in the marketing of properties and tourism products and services to individuals and corporate clients.I am also an expert ''Masseur''. I love doing regular exercises, walking, outdoor activities, yoga and meditation to keep my body toned and fit. I love travelling to scenic spots, hill stations, beach resorts, forest zones, shopping, fine dining etc.etc., and am also interested in spiritualism and spirituality. I am very a naturist/naturalist and love the outdoors.I am a very wild and a whacky person who loves body painting and colouring as an art form.I love the Rio carnival of Brazil and all the carnivals of the world. I am a very passionate and sensuous person seeking a true and genuine filipina woman ready for true passionate and sensuous love, long term, life long friendship, companionship, association and partnership. In matters of physical intimacy, I am totally submissive, obedient and slavish. In future, I would love to buy a posh fully furnished and fully loaded apartment at a scenic tourist spot and give it on ''rent'' to foreign tourist nationals and settle down at a hill station or a beach resort with my filipina girl. I would be living fully, totally and completely on fruits, vegetables and herbs and would love to fully concentrate in living a ''holistic'' existence with a very slim physique and body.I would love to do a lot of exercises, practise massage therapies, do yoga, practise meditation and spirituality and live a very happy and contented life forever with my filipina lover lady.I am wild and whacky by nature and have peculiar and strange likes, tastes, interests and preferences and I invite filipinas who are ready to accept me as I am. Age, caste, creed, language, religion, culture, community and/or country most welcome.Slim, thin and/or plus size women are welcome. A lady who is greatly incfluenced by the Western culture. Mam, Any takers for Mr.Santy from Mumbai, India? to Madame, It would be a privilege to associate myself with the world's best website by the name ''Christian Filipina ''' for friendships, dating and longterm associations including marriage.Madame, Let me present my introduction to all the beautiful lovely filipina girls/women/ladies looking out for a very true and genuine Gentleman and who truly believe in the maxim ''one man women'' for a very longterm, loving, affectioate, passionate, sensuous and a very fulfilling and fruitful association.At the outset, Let me tell here that whatever I state here is absolute gospel truth.Every word and sentence here is very true since I am a person who hates lies, fraudsters, cheaters, scamsters, scammers and hoodwinkers.Whatever I speak is truth and I vouch for my truthfulness, sincerity and honesty and am a very open minded, free minded, frank, extremely liberal and an extremely broadminded thorough Gentleman.I am very liberal and broadminded in its truest sense.I am what I am, will remain what I am and will never change being what I am since I love being what I am.I will not hesitate to tell my private matters to the world since I don't believe in hiding, suppressing or manipulating things.All filipinas who like my profile may respond by ''winking'' at me (Presently I am a ''free''member, shortly I wish to ''upgrade'' to find my filipina lady love in all sincerity) and are free to ask me any questions which may be lurking in their mind about myself including even very intimate, private and personal details to free themselves of any curiosity and eagerness to know more about me and my character.I will reply very very openly, freely, frankly and also tell totally, fully and completely any matter without leaving any doubts in the girl's/women's/ladies's mind whatsoever since I have nothing to hide.I welcome all beautiful filipinas ready to accept me as I am and love me till my last breath.I welcome thin, slim and plus-sized girls/women/ladies.Age, caste, creed, language, religion, fairness, darkness, body size, culture, community and/or country hardly matters in front of true bonding and intimate friendship, contact and relationship.Mam, In physical relationship, I am fully, totally and completely submissive, obedient and slavish.I believe in humbly obeying and not commanding for the relationship to survive and last a lifetime.One partner being submissive, slavish and obedient, I feel, is the secret recipe for a long lasting fulfilling association and relationship between two partners.And I have decided to be the submissive, obedient and slavish partner. Now, Let me introduce myself by stating that I started my career as a ''Trainee Body Builder and Weigh Lifter'' in a local Gymnasium in Mumbai trained under my revered coach Mr.D'sa.I trained under him for many years in various aspcets of Callisthenics, Body Building and Weight Lifting.I exercised very vigorously under his revered guidance and built am extremely beautiful lovely body.During these days, I was studing in college and in the evenings I used to train under a revered and reputed Ayurvedic Doctor in Body Massage therapies both relaxational, recreational and also curative.I accompanied him to various places as ''Trainee Masseur'' and learnt the art of Body Massage. I worked under him for many years.Armed with his certificate, I worked in various massage parlours and Health spas as a ''Masseur'' and ''Massage Therapist''. Later, I joined a 5 star hotel health spa as a ''Fitness Instructor-cum -Masseur cum Spa Therapist'' for many many years.I massaged male and female clients and earned a reputation as an expert masseur.I also used to do private massages to both male and female clients at their residences.I do private massages to both males and females even today at their residences by prior appointments only on Sundays and holidays.I have fixed male and female permanent customers for massage services.I do this job for them since I love them very much from the bottom of my heart and they too love me too much and treat me as a professional masseur with dignity and I see happiness, joy and satisfaction in their faces when they get intimate physical enjoyment, pleasure and joy when I massage them.I am a very well trained and very well experienced masseur and love doing massages.In their physical enjoyment, satisfaction, pleasure, full body relaxation and rejunevation, I see my happiness.Mam, I am a very true, truthful, honest, sincere, loyal, faithful, committed, loving, affectionate, passionate and a sensuous character who is also wild and whacky in nature.I love body painting and body colouring very much as an art form and I have also presented my beautiful physique as a ''model'' many a times to amateur and professional drawing and painting artists in private since I sincerely believe that body painting and body colouring is an art form. One day I dream of going to countries and participating in such body painting and body colouring festivals and contests with my filipina lady love.I have very very strange and peculiar likes, tastes, interests and preferences and want a filipina girl/woman/lady to be with me through thick and thin and to be a part of my craziness, wildness and whackiness.. I would love to buy an apartment at a hill station or a beach resort and give it ''on rent'' to foreign tourists visiting India from all over the universe, manage my business together with her, live and settle here with my beautiful filipina lady lover forever eternally.Any filipina willing to love Mr.Santy from Mumbai City, Mumbai, India and live with me In India.Mam, I am ready to relocate too to any part of the world if I find my true filipina love. I welcome any filipina who is single and young or middle-aged or elderly or a spinster or married or divorcee or a widow who believes in the Almighty God/Lord and true friendship which is passionate and sensuous in nature always. ''May Lord Jesus bless all the girls and a blessed life to all the girls at ''CF''. I am a fashion lover and an ardent Fashion (F.t.v.) fan. I get free pass to attend the Lakme Fashion week in Mumbai and Delhi in India and I attend this show in particular( though I attend many other fashion shows too) and cheer the fashion designers.I am a die hard fan of ''Madonna''and 'Rihanna''.I liked too much the beautiful see-through minimalistic dress she had worn for the awards ceremony.It was simply dazzling, fantastic and beautiful.I admire both of them for their bizarre dress sense and the way they carry it off marvellously and fantastically. I am a great fan of the late maverick bizarre designer ''Alexander Mccqueen''. I need a filipina who understand ''bizarre''fashion, who is very comfortable to dress bizarrely, who loves fashion naturally, watches fashion shows and has a very lovely dress sense Any filipina in any profession like Fashion, cosmetics, clothes designing, fashion model, make-up artist, spa therapist in spa, fitness instructeress, swimming pool coach, beautician in salon, professional pedicurist, manicurist, nail artist, art models, masseuse in massage parlours, domestic worker, caretaker, nanny, nurse, females devoted to God and working in churches, females working as waitresses, females working as entertainment artists, housewifes, etc., etc.can wink me and contact me. Finally, I desire a very slim, fat or plus sized extremely beautiful, stylish, fashionable, true, truthful, honest, sincere, loving, affectionate, dignified, polished, refined.very very passionate and very very sensuous filipina young girl/ middle-aged woman/elderly lady who will accept me as I am and for what I am since I wouldn't want/like to change my inherent behaviour, characteristics, qualities and attributes.I would like to repeat that in matters of physical intimacy, I love to be fully, totally and completely submissive, obedient and slavish and welcome a dominant physical partner.I welcome a commanding girl who would want to command during physical relationship and make a male fully.totally and completely submissive, obedient and a slavish partner. I am the ideal man to that girl who desires these characteristics, qualities and attributes in a man. Any devout Christian filipina (may be she may not be very religious, visit the church etc., etc, but at least God loving/fearing filipina ) young girl/middle-aged woman/elderly/old lady of any status, rich or poor, unmarried spinster/married with young/grown-up children/divorced, widowed, females unable to conceive please kindly don't doubt my integrity, truthfulness, honesty, sincerity and character and do not hesitate to contact me by ''winking'' me initially as I am a free member now.I wish to upgrade soon.Young/middle-aged, elderly/old high status, elite and sophisticated filipina women who are alone and desire true, passionate and sensuous friendship with a highly dignified, refined, polished Gentleman do contact me without any inhibitions, reservations or hesitation.I shall be devoted to her totally, fully, completely and wholly.I am ready to accept any drawback of the lady in full totality.I am ready to tell to her my private, intimate and personal matters without hiding or manipulating in any manner.I am ready to accept the female if she is willing to accept me as I am, that is, my pluses and minuses wholeheartedly.I am ever willing to reveal my personal intimate and very private matters to filipina females who really care for me and truly love me. Any takers? Mr.Santy, Mumbai City, Mumbai, , India.

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