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Within a week of upgrading my account I have asked Anna Marie Fernandez to marry me and she said yes. Thank you Christian Filipino and all the members who have made this a great site. God bless your search for true love ...

Why I’m here on Christian Filipino is to meet my future wife. I want a Filipino Christian wife. I won't give up until I have a Filipino Christian wife. Time doesn't matter. I want to want you love you. I want you to want me. I want to feel passionate for you every day and night.

* updated _I have now upgraded to a full member so feel welcome to text me any questions or say anything you want.
Don't feel discouraged about trying to talk to me or win my heart. Also please don't misunderstand me. I am not arrogant or materialistic. I could easily give up all possessions today for Jesus.

I'm not forceful where I'm clearly not wanted. I can persevere to hell and back but I never force myself onto a person, woman or man.

My prayer - God please give me the Grace to be married in love and desire.

Also if I have said I would like to meet you, then I will come and meet you. My plans must be arranged and I must take care of business first, otherwise I won't have the income because I would probably spend like 6 months exploring the Philipinnes and visiting. It will take me a year before I can visit. Anyway please continue to read my profile. I try to update it when I think of new things to add.

If I wink you and you don't wink in reply then I won't pursue you any further. If you want me then you need to wink me. I can't read your mind. Thank you.

If you’re a princess, I'm searching for the you to be my Queen, the one whom I will honor and spoil and live for. I want my queen to walk beside me as my equal. I want to create a life that is the beginning of our eternal paradise. I never want to argue, only be happy, peace, love, excitement, every day. I can give you this life if you want to have it with me. I am serious about finding love. I want to share my life with someone who wants me. I'm simple. I believe in marriage. I believe in fidelity. I believe in respect and honor. I am still becoming a better and better person. I promise I will make up my mind and decide and choose someone who wants me. I definitely want to be wanted and I definitely want to want someone too, I want to fall in love and to be in love, and for someone to fall in love with me and be in love with me. I am not arrogant or proud. I am humble. I do not demand for anything, I ask nicely. I am persevering and determined that if I truly want something to never give up even through horrible times.

So I am here to find me the one woman to be my wife. I am determined to finally experience what it feels like to be loved, desired and wanted by a beautiful princess.


What it means to me to be a Christian. To me it means I follow the hardest teachings of Jesus. carry my cross. forgive and love my enemies. blessed are the poor, the meek. visiting the sick, feeding the hungry. not all those who say Lord, Lord will inherit the kingdom. eat my body drink my blood. dying for the sins of others.

I believe in God our Father whose whole being is love. I believe in following the lead of God’s love. I believe we were all created in the loving womb of God. I believe in the Kingdom. I believe evil is the movement away from God's loving womb in which all of creation was created.

I have thought about God deeply most of my life. I experience a relationship with God our Father and with Jesus Christ especially in communion with his body. God gave me the gift of deep strong faith. My most treasured experience of God was his speaking the words 'I am God' to me. I'll never forget that. it's also the moment he gifted me with the faith I mentioned.

I try to live by the parable of the King and the servant who is forgiven greatly, who then refuses to forgive a fellow servant who owes him money. The great King has forgiven us our great sin debts, it is hard but I do want to pass that forgiveness on to everyone, even when I am sinned against greatly.

Oh yes, I use the story of Job as an analogy to a part of my life. I have been through the test of Job and now I am in the stage of life when Job had all his possessions restored double to him and he lived a blessed life after the trials he endured. So do not fear that there will be trials in my life with you. There won’t be, because I have already passed through the trials and I am entering the blessing of having endured with faith in God our dear Father, and my love for our Father was never diminished one iota. I never lost faith in our Father, and not once have I ever cursed our Father, not once my whole life.

Woman for my wife

I was asked what sort of woman I’m looking for. I am looking for someone who wants to be a queen to her king. I want someone who puts God at the centre of her life. Someone who is passionate about God.
I’m looking for a woman who wants to aspire to the stars. I want my woman to challenge herself, to exert and extend her boundaries, whether that be personal improvement and development, learning new skills, being healthy and fit.
I don't mind shy. I probably like shy but not too quiet though. I like to talk. If you are shy I like shy but I also want you to have courage to say you want me if you do want me. You don't have to wait for me to make a move. Maybe I miss seeing your profile. So don't wait for me to find you, if you see me and like me tell me and wink me.
it's hard to say. I go by my intuition. there's a whole range of compatibility issues to consider. believing in God is very important to me. I want a marriage based on Christ. I want to live by Bible principles. I want a truly Christian based marriage.
I want my wife to desire to always makes the best choices God gives her or arranged for her. God wants us to choose the best decisions we can make.

Me just a little bit

I am creative. I am sensitive to others feelings and moods and thoughts. I am empathic towards others. I love discovering unique combinations of connections between different things. I love reading about science, biology, physics, cosmology – how God made his creation.

My favorite subject though has always been GOD. The Christian God and Jesus Christ the Immanuel, the savior, the alpha and the omega, the merging of God and his creation in a living human being. The way, the truth and the life.

I don't smoke, drink only socially (twice a year maybe Christmas, New Year). I control my calorie food intake by disciplined eating and choosing the foods I eat. I want to continue keeping my fitness and body lean.

I love K-drama and anime. I love the romantic K-drama. I like science fiction books and movies. I was somewhat of a nerd at school but very good at sports too. A nerd who was good at sports.

* added 10.9.16 - I am young of mind and heart. I haven't settled into old ways in music or fashion. I like Korean fashion. very trendy. I have this week's hottest music tracks on my iPhone. I keep up to date with what's happening. old is good but so is new.

I need the freedom of thought to let my creativity work properly. my mind is always open to everything as I search to understand the underlying principles of ideas and the world.

I like the excitement of driving fast and loud music, I did want to work on modding a car, I like the Honda S2000 or Mazda MX-5. combining my love of cars and driving and exploring Gods creation, that's why I'd like us to go for drives away to new places and have holidays every two weeks or so.

my other passion is music. I like singing. I plan on building up a set of music playback equipment, I want reasonably good speakers, amplifier. I'd spend a bit t of money also on building up a good quality karaoke system with good microphone and large range of songs. singing is a passion and a joy. when you sing it expresses emotions that make me feel even more alive. I love singing strongly at church. I haven't joined the choir because we don't have a choir at our church but I wish there was. I think I have a good voice. you can listen one day. I'd like to do singing lessons to get better.

I'm still trying to have a leaner fitter body with less fat and more muscles. I'm not fat, my stomach is not big.

I go to movies even by myself because I like watching good movies in the theatre. I have a degree in information systems technology and my work background has been in computing systems.

Life together

I think I will give someone roller coaster rides full of excitement and unique experiences.

If a Filipino woman wanted me to relocate and live by her and her family, yes I would do that if I decided she was my princess who wanted to be my queen. If I marry a Filipino woman and she relocates, we will always fly back to the Philippines for family occasions.

I would like to attend concerts at favorite singers and bands wherever they are playing around the world. IF there is a favorite artist singer band then we will fly to that country to hear and see them live.

I would like to do real estate development. I have lots of ideas I want to do. I will see if I am any good at interior decorating. I want my wife to work with me to do up houses and sell them. I want my wife to develop her creative skills and discover if she has any skills she could enjoy using. I would always support my wife's talents.

I want to attend lots of classes to learn all the things in life that I do not know how to do. Simple things such as cooking, baking, photography, carpentry. I want to keep learning new skills all my life. I would love it if you also wanted to keep learning too.

If there’s any interests my wife wants to pursue then I support you 100%.

I’d like to go bush walking and take the camera and take nature photo’s of God’s creation in the animal and plant and physical world of this beautiful earth. That’s why I’d do photography lessons.

I’d like my future wife and I to play sports together like squash, badminton, tennis.

I love, love, love music and I want to buy some really nice stereo equipment to set up in our house. I love singing and I love Karaoke. I want to have karaoke evenings. I want to entertain and cook for our guests.

I want my wife and I to have prayer evenings and bible study evenings together. I would like to pray daily with my wife.

I want to have a little sports car for my wife and I to go for drives in the country and scenic drives. We could drive away and stay at hotels for a few days of sightseeing maybe once a month. Go to a new place every month. Maybe we go for a holiday to another new country every couple of months.

The main thing I want is to own a nice house. I mean a really nice house. I have tastes in good things and quality things. I want quality.

If I marry someone I will spoil that person every day. We will have an en-suite bathroom with a big shower and spa bath. There will be a walk in wardrobe and it will be full of the nicest clothes you could imagine for yourself. I want to have tailor made suits and shoes. I want a watch collection and every type of mans cologne. My wife will have every type of parfum she likes.

there's lots of things we can do together. my business is going to generate income without me needing to work at a job. I will be on holiday forever, only sometimes will I need to attend meetings overseas, create new sales markets, and meet new suppliers. so basically we will not have to work because my internet business runs on its own. I can spend every day with you if you want. you won't need to work unless you want to do something. we can live in any country you want to live. I'm thinking of moving to Australia, but I can buy a house in the Philippines until you feel ready you want to move. i don't mind where we live. and we can always travel anywhere you like anyway.

I do want to attend concerts. I want to follow the singers and bands I like in live concerts. I want to fly to USA or Europe or Asia wherever my favorites are singing or playing. and we can fly wherever your favorite singers and bands are playing too.

My job and income

I am currently working but my true future is about to changer forever. I’m starting my own business, I have invented a fitness gym, I am patenting it, I'm building the website and I have created all the ideas I will use in my marketing.

I believe in my invention and once it begins to sell on its own, all my time will be free to do as I please. I plan to make my fitness invention the biggest selling fitness machine in the world. I am serious not joking. It really is a good invention. My dad is helping me with the prototype. I am going to go on Kickstarter or Indegogo for the money to get it started. I have another completely separate idea I want to develop and market too, it's to do with bedding sleepwear. any ideas can be marketed and developed through the internet. it's about creativity and marketing, and I can do it. I just need to create new ideas which I love.

How we discern compatibility.

When I come to meet you, it matters very much to me how you feel about me, and so accordingly I will ask you for a blunt honest numerical assessment of how you feel about me from 1 - 10 with 1 being not much to 10 being omg I have fallen crazily in love with you, I feel faint.

The reason is that no matter how much I make 'like' you, it means nothing to me if you feel neutral towards me. I have experienced not being wanted and loved, and it is not a nice feeling to live with. So yes, it is as important to me that you be totally honest and let me know bluntly if have feelings for me as much as it is important for me to feel passionate towards you. In short it means I only want you if you want me, and vice versa I think you should only want me if I want you. Honesty will save us from experiencing a lot of potential hurt.

I promise the one who wins my heart, I will be worth every wait, every sigh, every worry, every nervousness. We are going to have a life that is extraordinary and beyond dreams. I am coming into the best years of my life and I want you to share them with me.

I also don't care how long it takes me, I am patient and I am determined. I am not desperate. I will keep looking until I find my perfect match.

Additional Information

Prefers to Meet Age:
20 to 45 (Strict age limits: no)
Marital Status:
Bachelors degree
Body Type:
199 lbs (90.3 Kg)
5' 11" (180 cm)
Have children:
Yes - but not at home
Want children:
Not sure
Preferred Bible Version:
New King James
Christian / Catholic
Willing to Relocate:
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