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29 Years Old, Female

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God is my life. It was always literally the darkest part of my life that God decided to show Him-self to me and lead me to where I am today. In a way, I feel like He is much more to me than just a spiritual father. I feel like He literally took me under His wings and raised me Himself. I believe in God and not religion. I have my own conviction and my beliefs are based on God’s commandments and teachings. I believe in the Holy Trinity and Jesus Christ and God’s Grace of Salvation. I am nothing without Him. I am a registered nurse, BSN.

I sincerely desire for a lifelong husband I can respect, love and adore. I simply do not see the age difference as an issue, just someone young enough to love me and old enough to take care of me. I'm looking for someone serious about his relationship with the Lord, someone who wants to have a Christ-minded family with me. To find someone whom I can care for and can rely on. To have a husband not just for papers but someone who’s willing to build dreams and life with me, to set goals in life while we are still on earth, an unselfish lifetime partner who could think to have stable home, to always think “us” and always have ambitions to invest and put all the best in marriage as well. I want a love story that is written by our God that will please Him and glorify Him. I have learned that marriage is not just a mere commitment but a covenant between God, husband, and wife so divorce will never be an option in God’s way. I've learned that love is a commitment and a choice and not just feelings. Satan works through feelings, God works through truth. I disagree with premarital sex and physical intimacy before marriage. I believe that God design it only for married couple as a wonderful gift from Him. Since there is no security and blessing from God before marriage, I can’t just totally give myself to just anyone. Aside from my loyalty, trust, love and respect, that thing would be the only special gift I can give to my future husband on the wedding day that I could say that I take care and reserve for years just for him. I desire to give and totally show my body, heart, and soul to the man from God for me. I believe I am also very weak, sinful, lacking of character, emotionally sensitive, still have lots of room to improve, have disappointed God many times and fails to obey the Lord in many things. It always amaze me for His great love and for reassuring me that He is there to help me, to forgive me, and to love me even more. That would be very pleasing if we could help each other to grow always in all aspects. I want to have a Spiritual leader in my life that will lead me always closer to God and loves God more than anyone that we may always walk according to God’s will, to always grow in character and relationship with God, and to always glorify God with our actions and life. That is why I always admire men who have self-control and sacrifice their desires and their own ways to follow God’s way in his life. Just like you and the rest, I also want to have a deep intimacy, satisfied and happy marriage life but wanting to do those things in a right way. I may not be as pretty like other women or willing to have sex to just anyone before marriage nor jump or wanting into a relationship right away but I can guarantee you my loyalty.

I believe life is too short and that there is too much to experience in life not to try it all at least once. I like to try to learn riding a bicycle, swimming, and sports, rock climbing, scuba diving, camping, hiking, kayaking, canoeing, horse riding, and etc. I enjoyed playing piano or flute recorder and learning violin. I’m not a party girl. Other people say that I’m boring because I don’t smoke nor drink, and I never been to the bar or disco and not even to a movie theater. I enjoyed watching movies, playing chess, and etc. at home with food. I used to do volunteering or joined in medical missions during my spare time where I feel needed and appreciated and I love reading, listening to music, be in nature, photography and go to the beach, park, or high mountains, and etc. (honesty I don’t know how to swim). I enjoyed cooking and learning, I also love flowers and garden. And I wish to experience receiving a flower from the man that God has intended for me.

I have learned from childhood to be conservative, faithful, loving and adoring to the man in their life. I am looking for a man that I can have some deep and insightful conversations with. I want a man who knows when to have fun and when to be serious. Having a heart for helping others is a must because it is what I am called to do and I want to share that part of my life with who I am with. I'm not looking for a perfect guy; I think true beauty comes from the soul, not by how you look. But this does not mean that I do not value fitness and hygiene though, they are very important to me and it shows how much you value your health and reflects how you take care of yourself. I'm not into someone who smokes, drink or who does drugs. I love kids and can't wait to have my own. It has always been my desire to take good care of my future family and give them my best. I always desire to be a good wife and mother and raising Christ-minded kids of my own. I believe when I will be in a serious relationship, I am someone who likes to cuddle up, holding hands, and spoil whoever I am with. I'm not a super-independent type of woman who can't stand when someone does something for her or who doesn't like to be touched but I want to do them in God’s time and in the right way. I understand that we are in current century and new generation now and that there aren't many damsels in distress nowadays, but I am traditional girl who believes in chivalry and honoring women with greater respect.

If you would like to talk about anything or would like to know more about me, feel free to message me. My name is Venus, I hope to hear from you soon.

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