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I Love God, family and people. I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of latter Day Saints aka LDS aka LATTER DAY SAINT, AKA Mormon. God wants us
to marry and have children and am looking for a girl that is a member of the same church because I don't know of any way to be sealed forever except as a member. I don't have money, but with the right woman beside me I know how to get enough money for a happy family and 4 or 5 children. I currently have a 20 year old daughter and a 12 year old son. I'm looking for a woman that loves God and especially will teach our children to love God. In my last marriage, we were not equally yoked (2 Corinthians 6:14). She thought she wanted the things of Heavenly Father, and she usually went to church. And she is a good person. But in daily life, we were so unequally yoked that she eventually left me. She has asked if we could get back together. But we are still unequally yoked. She wants to watch tv a lot and I think tv is an escape from our challenges. Life is challenges. So tv is excape from life. Especially in a family with children. If the family connects and talks the children will grow up happy. If the tv is on a lot the children do not connect with each other or their parents and they do not grow up happy and they do not know how to have a happy family. Also, this is very important to me: I think that the church that Jesus Christ started fell into apostasy (2Thessalonians 2:3) and that it has been restored to the earth and that it is called the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day saints. That may sound like I think all other churches are bad. We all know that is not so. There are godly people in many churches all over the world. The people most committed to Christ in all the world that I have found, are the Filipinas. They are better than I am. That is why I am determined to take a Filipina wife and have more children. (I grew up in a large family). I also believe a man and wife are supposed to be married forever-even after death. (Mathew 22:30) But that miraculous marriage requires that a man and a woman be sealed or married by someone who has authority to do that. I believe that authority was in Jesus' church and that it is had again on the earth today. These things are so important to me that marrying someone who did not share these beliefs would be unfair and possibly put me and even someone as wonderful as a Filipina into a marriage where we would be unequally yoked.
My last wife was not interested in feeding the children in a healthy way. For me, children are more important than anything except God and the marriage between my wife and I. So feeding the children healthy food naturally follows as a high priority. In America, we are not so good at eating right. We eat processed food (prepackaged, canned, frozen, pasturized, refined) and die of cancer. We age fast and look like we are 80 years old when we are 40. Filipinas eat whole foods and are the most beautiful women on the planet. And they stay beautiful even when they are old. I also believe that the family is the unit that God made for His plan for eternal happiness. Sending children off to a be taught by the government in government schools takes the opportunity away for a family to learn together. I think about 10 percent of Americans home school their children today. Parents think they need to know everything to homeschool. With the internet, that is not so. The greatest libraries and books and minds in the history of the world are available at the click of a mouse. I want our children with me and my wife. I want those golden hours with my children from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm that so many of us give up to the government. Just thinking out loud. God bless us all in our search for a spouse.
ps I am tall even for this country. I am hoping for a woman that is tall. Also, I love sports and hope for a woman that loves sports. Weightlifting seems to slow down the clock for me so I don't age as fast as I would. Also I love almost all sports and do some kind of sport every day. brianearljenkins. .. if you read this profile and think we are equally yoked then I will buy a membership with cf

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20 to 35 (Strict age limits: no)
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Bachelors degree
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190 lbs (86.2 Kg)
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Yes - at home part-time
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King James
Christian / LDS
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