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Hello everyone, I am so honored to meet you. I am an Ojibwe American Indian, we are the first Americans that lived here for thousands of years before the Europeans came. This land was known as Turtle Island and we lived in peace and harmony with all life. I grew up on farm and loved the feeling of nurturing young life, watching it grow, blossoming into something amazing only to see it repeat the next generation. Wow, so amazing, so special. I live my life in the traditional Indian way like dancing, singing, doing ceremonies, being respectful to all life. I was born with great values and tenderness and a great understanding on how life should be treated.
I just graduated from college with a B.S. degree in Natural Resources Management and I work with the US Department of Agriculture. We research 30 varieties of grasses and cover crops, we nurture them, we research and study them in a variety of conditions, harvest them in the fall, clean the seeds and deliver them to other conservation agencies to prevent soil erosion, forage and shelter for wildlife and other animals.
The Creator gave me many gifts like I am very caring, sweet, tender, kind-hearted, passionate, old fashion romantic, charismatic, sweet teddy bear personality, very open minded, respectful towards women and all life. I am humble, energetic, passionate, faithfulness and I am filled with integrity. I am a free-spirited who enjoys every second of this beautiful world. I do not drink or smoke. I like riding horses, fishing, playing pool, watching sunrises and sunsets and photography is my favorite pastime.
I love to cuddle, kiss and being romantic and passionate. Would you love to cuddle and squeeze me? Mmmm. I love holding hands, putting my strong man arms around my sweet lady waist, being out in nature listening to the sounds of earth. I want to find someone special to hold in my arms. I have so much love and kindness to give. I want to find my lover and soul mate here on this site. I was feeling real lonely one day and the creator guided me here to this site. It is our dream to find my true love, my best friend. I am very spiritual and love the Creator with all my heart and soul.
I want to find someone who will love me unconditionally, someone who loves the earth like I do. Someone who enjoys life and who will be faithful to me. It is my dream to meet you, write and have an amazing courtship. Learn everything possible about you, marry you and someday have children if this is your dream. I want our love to start as small seed, nurture our love, watch it blossom into something amazing and special and for the Creator to harvest our love and take us home to live together for all eternity. Can you please share your dreams with me, I would love to hear them.
My favorite quote is” Love is when your soul can see its reflection in another.” I wish everyone peace and love in your hearts. I hope I am the one to live in your heart forever... Many hugs and kisses.....
P.S. I wanted to share this special story, i hope everyone loves this. Thank you... The Language of the Tree

When I was a child, I walked beneath a tree. As I walked beneath this tree, a seed fell, spinning down, leading my eyes to the ground in front of me. Through this act, this seed made me aware of all the seeds that had fallen before, and I was amazed at the number of seeds that had fallen.

I leaned forward to study the seeds more closely. My heart filled with wonder, when I saw that from each seed, a tree could grow. Recalling that the seed fell from above, I looked up into the tree and there I saw thousands of the same kinds of seeds.

It was there beneath that tree, that I was struck with the wonder of life. I realized that there was a great forest in that tree! Standing beneath that tree, I realized the potential given to all living things. For I understood as I stood under the tree, that from each seed, there grew a tree and in each tree there was a forest. From that one tree, I envisioned a beautiful world covered with trees.

That day I realized, I understood the language of the tree, for I understood everything that tree had taught me. I understood that trees were a greater spirit than I and I would be an under-study to them, all of my life. I understood, we great and small, were given the power of greatness. Standing there in the comfort of its shade, I understood humility. I understood there would always be Greater Spirits than myself to guide and protect me, all of my life.

Pleased with all that I had learned, I wanted to share this new knowledge with a friend. I ran as fast as I could to my friend's home, only to find that he was out. Disappointed, for what is knowledge if it cannot be shared? Sadly I turned to walk away. As I turned, wonder of wonders, I saw beside his home, the same kind of tree!

My disappointment for my friend turned to joy, for I knew that he would be taught the same lessons, I was gifted by this tree. It was then I understood the meaning of a Great Spirit. For wherever this tree appeared on Earth, All the People, wherever the tree grew, would know the same lessons in life, taught to me by the Great Spirit of the Tree.

Like all Great Spirits, the tree shares this knowledge with everyone, however great or small, however young or old and whatever race or tribe of man, the tree taught them all, equally. I had no fear that my friend would be left without this knowledge. As I grew older, the tree made me a part of its life, sharing many teachings and I decided its knowledge would become a part of my life, forever.

If the Creator God, put that much power into one small seed, how much more power/potential did he place in you?

Goodness is the harvest that is produced by the Seeds the Peacemakers plant in Peace.
1 John 4:7 Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God. Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God.

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