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Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies. The heart of her husband doth safely trust in her so that he shall have no need of spoil. Proverbs 31:10, 11. The happiness of the family depends much upon the wife and mother.


"I was talking with a young man who said to me ... ( I think I'm going to live the rest of my life just playing.) And I said to him -the older guy to the younger guy ... ( that's the last thing you want to do!) Because games are for kids and life is much like sports. You know, a young man can play football or basketball. But even at a very young age, the game is going to pass him by. He's going to have to have a real grown man's plan for life. So, as a young man, you want to make plans now to find a woman that you can love. A woman that loves you back. A woman that will represent you properly. Raise your children properly. And build a life. You don't want to be out here playing games. Because you ultimately play yourself. You get to be my age, your grandchildren don't know you. Your children hate you. You ain't got no woman around to help you. Old men need a lot of help."


Hi! My sons' lady teacher teaches in a private school the same age as I am, single have no kids, has never been married is genuinely looking for a life partner that's god-fearing, calm, kind, honest, faithful, trustworthy, mature, responsible, hardworking, well-respected, and family-centered.... gentleman. I am also genuinely looking for a life partner that has the same qualities mentioned above but I'm not rushing things, anticipating, and desperate to take what I can just get. I'm simply exceptionally waiting patiently to vet and discern my most capable real husband. If he comes around or doesn't come into my life, it's okay with me! I don't care, and I don't mind! Don't worry, be happy! LOL

My older British Civil Engineer/Architect/Businessman/Musician personal friend has made Cebu City, Philippines his "ordinary kitchen" LOL because he's been a regular visitor to the country from time to time. He met me when I was 4 months old pregnant with my youngest son at that time. And my youngest son is already 8 years old -my eldest is 13! It was our family reunion with whom that guy was my uncle's special guest/close friend. He introduced himself to me when he saw me passing by, and since then, he never took his eyes off me! LOL, Let's just call him by the name "Marvin (not his real name LOL)" and he's 55 years old. We're friends on Facebook. He's been with multiple Pinays at different times being used as ATM/SUGARDADDY/MEAL TICKET HEHE... LOL to them (HEY! NOT ALL PINAYS ARE LIKE THAT!!!) And, he's been enjoying their company of broken-unconscious little women using his money to manipulate the Pinays that have become his intimate partners at different times also. Somehow, he got used to paying the poor Filipinas/golddiggers/ who got involved with HIM for a one-night stand basis, or sometimes, for hookups. He even spends hundreds of thousands of pesosesoses for his PINAY SIDE CHICKS buying them TINY NIPA HOUSES TO A BIT FORMAL PROPERTY TO STAY, APPLIANCE SHOWCASE, DENTURES, THEIR FATHERS' HOSPITALIZATION, FUNERALS AND BURIALS, LOL, or their babies' (from other dads LOL) diapers, etc., etc! Hahaha... It's like he doesn't care about his spending extravagance for his women just to please them to please him! Anyway, that's his money! And his money doesn't seem to run out of his pocket no matter how much he spends!!! LOL, But, he would come to talk to me when it's about his deepest feelings, and thoughts like when he told me how very sad, lonely, and hurt he was when his mother passed away, especially during the pandemic, or how successful he has been with his business and career (but never really felt true happiness and fulfillment, etc., especially with his women, but he will always stay feeling lonely and alone, Or like how much he had sold his mansion and other properties (like for instance, he will buy 5million pounds worth of property, he will renovate it and sell it double the price!!!) or how much he earned from the mansion that he sold for more than 20 million. I don't know if it's sold in pesos or pounds because I didn't ask!!! LOL, He can actually tell me anything he wants to say, and he knows, I won't judge him! He's been wanting to marry me ever since he met me when I was months pregnant with my youngest child as I mentioned earlier! Up to now, he still tells me that he will only settle down with me, and make me his wife! Hehe... I have told him about my sons' teacher that is genuinely looking for a life partner because upon knowing that my sister from the UK is coming to the Philippines soon, she (my sons' teacher) asked me if my sister can help introduce her to a Western guy to get to know who is also looking for a life partner. LOL, But, I become so disappointed in Marvin knowing, he was not interested to get to know her (my sons' teacher) on messaging apps first. But, he wanted to meet her in person and date her in a restaurant right away prior and then, probably, proceed in taking her to a motel! Perhaps, he can finally settle for her (my sons' teacher), right, because, she's a professional, of legal age, and a decent woman?! But, he's only interested in marrying me and I am not buying that !!! LOL, We're not in a relationship but he's been there waiting for me for so long. Still, I'm not buying that! LOL, Because he's just so used to paying women for pleasure and he's not genuinely serious and not husband material, and many times, my uncle would say to him to just leave me alone. But he still hasn't gotten over with me. LOL, Some time ago, he had to ask my uncle's help to find him a good doctor because he got very sick to have acquired STD-HIV!!! Hehe...our late family physician hated him. No other doctor took him to manage to help his case when it got worsened, except our family doctor! If not because of my uncle, he (Marvin) wouldn't be accepted by our family doctor to be his personal physician!! And if not because of his(Marvin's) money, he'd be dead probably a long time ago already!!! Hehe...Ssshhh!!! LOL, I'm not interested to be in a relationship with him, not even marrying that kind of man like that without husband energy, and is too irresponsible to even stick around with just only one woman! What would I suppose to think? What would you suppose to think of that kind of man who just settles with every woman he meets, pays to sleep with her, and then, rolls around the bed with another woman next, and then, next, eh???!!! He has not grown and cannot be relied upon!!! HA!

The guy that would be my husband is a guy with husband energy. If you don't have husband energy, you are not my husband!!! Hehe... Lol

"The more you understand life, the better your choices become."

Except for the good men, I feel sorry for them who have been ravaged and broken at the hands of women that didn't deserve them.

Gentlemen, if you've been victimized by dangerous deceitful women because you might just be blinded by your own broken consciousness and you view these women as more exciting than the women who have respected you, maybe the reason you were mostly tricked by these types of narcissists who always want someone else's. And the decent quality women that value you are what you viewed as boring and corny! See???!!! You dishonor the quality of women that treated you with respect and dignity. But, you look up to the dangerous, narcissistic women and even placed them on the pedestal!!! Now, that's toooooo much brokenness there!!! BWAHAHAHA!!! Lol

I'm better than all the others that have been on the smorgasbord. I'm better than what men had and will ever have or they'll never ever get anyone either. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏∞

🧠I desire honesty, patience, respect, a lot of mental and emotional intelligence, a deep intimate connection, quality conversation, transparency, and maturity... with my life partner in our marriage relationship.

"Here are some tricks (predatory women) used to deceive men:"

"1. A woman teases a man in order to get her bills paid. or gets him to buy her things. In return, the woman (the trick) pleases than man physically... Lol

2. The trick is a man that pays prostitutes for pleasure or a man that pays women to hang around them. She uses her appeal to lure men. These men are used by these kinds of women for their own selfish agenda or their own personal gain. These are the strange women that enter into the life of men and dismantle their futures. These are the women that enter into the life of men and dismantle their marriages. These are the women that enter into the life of men and dismantle their families. They are strange women. The women that God didn't ordain for the men yet are the types of women men are in constant pursuit of. They are the women that wives are concerned about that interfere with the men seen clearly relative to what a life material really is. They are strange women that appeal to the sexual immaturity of the men. We ask the question why are those men of such renowned men who have attained such great success, men who have gone to realms in business, sports, and ministry, how is it that these men fall for the kinds of women they fall for and end up losing everything???? It's because of the sexual immaturity of the men that becomes the undoing of the men. That's how these women get into your life. When a man is not sexually mature when you are a 30-year-old man, making sexual choices that a 20-year-old or maybe an eighteen-year-old man would make -you are on a self-destructive path when you're a 40-year-old man making the kinds of choices that a 25-year-old man would make. You are on a self-destructive path! If you are a 50-year-old man making the same kinds of immature, irresponsible sexual relational choices (without government, no righteousness, or judgment and those limitations, immaturities, and the lack of discipline became the gateway for all kinds of women that should have never been in men's life to gain entrance because of men's sexual immaturity) that a 25-year-old or a 30-year-old man would make, you are on a self-destructive path. The strange woman/female predator can sniff out a man that is sexually out of control. There are a lot of men that get married and are sexually out of control." 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

I'm the right one who'll help you fix your life. You'll fall in love with me for always and become a better-changed man forever.

To my future husband, father to our children, and my family man, I hope you believe that I love you very much and only you, and that will never be lost or diminished come what may. I want you to know that I understand you completely. You are sacred to me and I will not deceive you. Please, be a good listener to me because I'm your nurturing wife and I will only tell you what's in my heart in order for you to be guided properly in this relationship. You will walk your talk and will have a stable disposition. I will always be here for you and will never leave you at any cost. I'll do everything just promise you won't leave me. Please, don't let me go. All the shortcomings that you have not experienced I will make up for you. I will fill everything in just for you and you'll have a full heart that's gladly palpitating in the cadence of your healthy thoughts - you, beautiful mind! Your heart will be full of love and happiness. I will make you happier as much as I can. I'm a good woman. Please, don't doubt my love for you. I'm the one who wants to love you more. I just want to be happier with you who only loves me and no one else. I don't wanna share you with anybody else. I know you need me in your life. I need you in my life too. You're the only one I want to be in hardship and comfort. I love you so much and I can't hurt you. I rely on what you said to me that you fell in love with me.
It hurts to rely on someone who just plays with your feelings. I hope you don't be afraid to love me like I love you and will support each other no matter what happens. You stay close to my heart no matter how far we are from each other. I'm so happy that I have you. I know you won't trade and give up on me for anyone. It's nice to love you because you love me too. It's enough for me that I have come to love you because I have a heart that could only want you. I just want you to remember how much I care about you. You are important to me and that will never change no matter how long, you're still the one, and I would love you even more. I'll wait for you, you know it's true. My Love, thank you for loving me. I give you my all. You will keep that in your thoughts about me being the healthy and functional woman that I am to you is never boring. I'm the one to empower you to be the best version of yourself as my man. Never be attracted to the dysfunction of the broken people that are just trying to condition you into believing that the toxicity and the unpredictability are attractive and exciting. Understand that healthy and functional are truly what make it attractive and exciting. Never find any healthy person boring! The toxic men and women are the ones that are soooooooo boring!!! Lol, hehe... peace! A healthy man that heals will only be attracted to a healthy, whole, and complete woman like me.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️∞

"If a man doesn't have a vision for a better future, he doesn't have sufficient love for you as a woman. If all the man is talking about your body and getting you in the bed and sexing you up, that ain't no husband conversation!" Lol

The more you understand life, the better your choices become.
I'm better than all the others that have been on the smorgasbord. I'm better than what men had or will ever have or they'll never ever get anyone either. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏∞

I need a man that has tamed and secured his own ego! He either has to love me hard or just leave me alone!!!

Hi! Thank you for your interest. I want to enjoy my life with my most potential soulmate that's capable of loving me, the way I desire, the way I deserve, and the way I need to be loved. He'd be a Western Gentleman around my age only that stands 5'10" only (please, don't get me wrong. Those are only my preferences. I don't mean to offend any beautiful soul that doesn't belong to my required qualification age and height. Thank you!) Please, don't misrepresent your age and height. Have more than 1 clear and latest picture on your profile. Don't use an outdated, blurry one! Thanks!

I've been on here on and off for a few years but haven't been on here in a long time. There are so many men on here. A lot are good and serious gentlemen. I get a bunch of messages, overwhelming! If a man really intends to find a wife on purpose to be his helpmeet, this site could be a good venue to meet some. A man just needs to go to the Philippines and meet her. I'm fine, just want to get a good one, I hope, that is decisive and can be relied upon. I don’t worry though. I have my kids and if I stay single 'till I die, then, it’s okay! If you're not the right one for me, then, I'm not wasting my time with you.

You can't help who you fall in love with. I'm sweet and when I fall in love, it will be forever, or I'll never fall in love. Men wish they had someone love them like I love my man. If a man really wants his woman, he'll make time for her no matter what, and isn't going to play games with her honest emotions. There are no in-betweens.

If anyone has a way of communicating and is not talking to you, they're not worried about you. Life is too short to waste at our age. A man makes his own life and scuks it up and deals with obligations or challenges. If you really love someone, you would call them personally and tell them what you feel about them. You don't let them go and a man will desire a healthy relationship with his woman. There are no misunderstandings between them because they simply bring their best to the relationship and everything will just work out fine falling into place.

"A woman must not tolerate a man who vacillates."

I don't want so many men. I know my worth and value in a good man's life. I understand that when I fall in love with a man, I'm taking quality time just to be with him for the rest of my life. We shouldn't blindly fall in love and obsess with someone that isn't the right one for us and who isn't capable of valuing, honoring, and loving us the way we desire, the way we deserve, and the way we need to be loved or they will eat our soul away.

I think most foreigners chat with Filipinas to pass time and try to get them naked for money or most aren't serious because those foreign men can’t get laid in real life because women don't want them, that's why they play fantasy online. Well, it’s hard for a man to be friends with a woman he is attracted to, right? Talking to foreigners is a hard game to play. I'm not playing his game and wasting my time. I am open to meeting a Western gentleman that doesn't have baggage or issues unresolved. I'd weed thru, vet, and discern a man that wants to be with me for the rest of his life that likes my children and accepts them as his own. Because if he likes my kids, I want to be with him.

Some are perverts passing time on the internet and aren’t serious about waiting for the real soulmate that God has for them. I'm moving forward, not backward. These foreigners who aren't serious will just burn intentional women to suffer pain and be heartbroken. There might be a few good ones like anything else, I guess. Sometimes, you meet someone nice on the internet and the feelings just seemed so right and you didn't mean to fall in love with them but you did, and it hurts to the core because you can't make them genuinely love you.

Sex is no big to me. I like sex but it's not my driving force in life. I already made my 2 kids. Nothing to prove! Lol

Well, it's okay to need a man that speaks his truth and walks his talk that way. Dating sites are the devils' playground and not really a good place to meet good intentional men. But, keep trying. You might get lucky! Lol, Some fall in love with idiots! There are women like that that don't exclude me!!! I'm guilty!!! Hehe... Lol, I'm trying not to fall hard in love with the wrong men online to protect myself. But, I did and it hurts, the knife cuts like a knife lacerating my flesh! "Keep bleeding, keep, keep bleeding love
I keep bleeding, I keep, keep bleeding love
Keep bleeding, keep, keep bleeding love..." I guess, I just have to do it to always have an exit and be ready anytime someone gets very scared to get vulnerable with me. Attachment is deeper than love and the root of all suffering. That's why it gets very scary for others to become emotionally involved and invested with someone because the feeling itself is so exhaustingly overwhelming to experience. You see! Nothing is forever in this world anymore. People just come and go. That's how people are now. But women like me are wise and know how to treat my man with respect and really please him in bed. Lol

I'm being very careful because I never know who these men are and what's going through their heads. You never know somebody until you meet them in person and spend time with them. It’s totally different when you meet them in real. I may sound so innocent of the evils of the world. But, I'm not like that! I'm more emotionally, professionally, socially, personally, and mentally, mature than my age today. I tough it up learning to take sh!t standing up for myself. I know being soft attracts PSYCHOS! Lol, but I'm a strong feminine woman. I'm confident and I use my femininity to my advantage. I'm a woman and I'm in control but I'm not the controlling type! Men are suckers for pretty women! I think most women on here are really looking for good husbands and father gentlemen to become their best friends -to take them away and live happily ever after. We are traditional women that believe in marriage and family. We are beautiful brown-skinned Maharlikans and very exotic and most have very sexy accents too! But, I don't like a man that loves all women! I don't want that kind of man! Men today don’t even know how to love and understand anything! The more you will forget your women the more you talk to me!!! Hehe... I have a man that respects me for my intelligence, vulnerability, character, and personality.

I'm not thinking about what makes a man tick. If he’s not upfront with me and plays games, and if he can’t be clear with his intention, then, who the hell knows what he is thinking? It’s a waste of time! You know,
I’m telling you advice. But life lessons I learned the hard way. No matter how serious and honest you are with someone, they are still not trying to believe you. Better stop convincing others to love you. We make mistakes. Can't keep breaking up if we really want our relationship to last, we have to be more patient with one another and always respect and be kind, gentle, and faithful. The bottom line is that, if you really desire to be with someone for the rest of your life, have a good sense of purpose and be intentional. You only need one life partner and be faithful and true to them until the end of time or stay single and enjoy being alone forever.

My Love life??? Nothing to worry about! I was taken, but, had to break free from that toxic, dysfunctional bond irrevocably without regrets! I'm just moving forward, not backward! There's nothing to hold back. I'm at the point of no return. I'm happy and content where I am today, living the moment and having to deal with the right decisions the way they should be. Never been at peace finding stillness and calm in my life.

I know I'm a rare gem, but I bet, he thought I was not at the right place or the right time for him. We parted without proper closure because he chose to refuse to give me that from happening and we're supposed to never gonna see each other ever again. I know that his ego will let him pretend like he's not regretting losing me, but, I hope, he will, he just didn't see it coming right now as regret will always be in the end. I guess, he needs more time to figure himself out and grow up before he realizes what he truly missed. It hurts me just to know how hard he tried to hurt me even more over this and that because I cared about him so much. But he just wasted me, just wasted me. There's nothing I could do to change it. He's made his dreams and they don't include me. Like so many other men that just wanted to come to me for no other reason but to find a sexual connection, he will regret giving me up that, if he's a grown-up like a real man. I hope he will realize what he truly missed because I may never be around anymore -him knowing that his dreams will never really be enough. And he's going to find somebody else and just take what he can get. Not necessarily someone at the right place and time. He might think that he's quite the catch on the pedestal and an easy target for deceptive young girls, not yet women who will make his life a living hell in either temporary or noncommittal relationships that he'll experience from so many broken partners. I can see it in the cards. There's nothing any of us could do because most men will only want any girl that they can get who is there at the place and time to consummate, practice, and exercise their sexual conquest with, doesn't mean anything than just lust and more body counts to satisfy themselves and I doubt, she will never be enough and be adequately the right one that will be his greatest helper and giver of love, especially, when both of them have never really grown up, don't know what true love, serious commitment, family are all about, don't know how to love and don't
understand life better. The same history will repeat itself ending in the brokenness and emptiness of another used to be and the cycle continues. It's not until a young man wakes up and knows where he is going, and what he really wants to accomplish in life. It's not until then, that that young man comes to a place where his spirit is open to understand that the only way he can be the man that he desires is to be certain that he has the kind of woman he needs on his arm, it's then that this young man realizes that sleeping with one woman after another after another is really counterproductive to what he says he wants to accomplish. Manhood is something more than just a sexual conquest. Until he realizes that his future will need the right woman. Otherwise, there's no need to engage.

Please, don't bother to contact me and just pass me by! I'm not playing your games. I am complete and not lacking anything in my life. I'm not looking for any romantic relationship. I'm not interested in online dating because there is no such thing as a sane man to meet on the internet nowadays! Thought it was possible, but realized, is a d*mded fantasy! I'm not here to judge, but, most men, especially, on dating sites are damaged, broken unconsciously unaware, and if there's any sensible man left on this planet called earth, he will come and show up as a real man should be and he alone is distinctly different from the rest. Most men are just lonely and know only what they want which is XXX, XXX, XXX, and XXX, XXX, XXX hehe...! They aren't really serious about looking for a committed relationship with a HIGH-VALUE WOMAN because they think she is high maintenance and therefore, requires hard work and they really think they can't afford her to begin with. WRONG!!!

BOYS easy come, easy go, and will just settle for anything less because girls like them both don't require much effort and hard work for themselves and they're unintentional with the purpose of just going with the flow, living the moment while the desire for their lust of the flesh lasts for some time! Until they wear each other out and get bored of the mundane poor dysfunctional union only to break in the end and look for someone else to settle with the same feathers to flock together! Lol, Basically, these types of BOYS and GIRLS are evolving growing old but not growing up, and never will if they continue to get so stubborn to progress and make a difference and better choices in life! They are afraid to end up alone and weary of the search for the perfect partner. Fear can wear people down to accept just the lesser offers and options. People who settle for less sometimes lack the sense of self-worth and self-confidence to believe they deserve good things in life. This stops them from pushing themselves toward reaching their full potential and results in feelings of inadequacy. Most of them are dull and fake and appreciate the fleeting superficial appearance rather than what's inside the heart, character, personality, and internal qualities of a person that are far more important.

REAL MEN NEED THE KIND OF WOMAN OF SUBSTANCE WITH CHARACTER MORE THAN SHE NEEDS THE IMMATURE BOYS AROUND THE CORNER!!! I'm here for the time being just to look around and enjoy coming to just read the profiles!!! Lol, I already have someone that holds the key to my heart and he will always be a special part of me no matter what happens.

If I want a man, I like him to be someone that has tamed and secured his own ego! He either has to love me hard or just leave me alone!!!

If a man doesn't have a vision for a better future, he doesn't have sufficient love for me as his woman.
When a man loves a woman, he's going to take good care of her and be a good provider to her and their family and children together. No real man wants to take a woman from her father and bring her down. She is not talking about making her man her sugar daddy to be her sole financer as she's a PROFESSIONAL and a HIGH-VALUE WOMAN that earns her degrees, achieves some good careers, skillful and well-experienced, responsible, driven, hardworking, born fortunate in life from a family in abundance. She's not a gold digger!!! She is not the type to count the lizards on the wall and wait for help from her man to feed her hungry stomach for a meal ticket!!! She will be his major helper to make him grow up to be fully mature, responsible, independent, and fulfilled as she only desires to uplift him to his heights self and empowers him to be the best that he can be!!! Do you know what I'm saying???!!!

If a man has no vision, he's all over the place, unrestrained. He's in it today, he's out of it tomorrow. The right man will have a good conversation with the right woman and focuses on how to improve their future and make their life better with his woman. He is someone that a woman like me can learn things from. He'll desire a healthy relationship with me being the good, right and peaceful woman for him and we'll educate each other to be the best versions of us. I will certainly feel that his presence in my life is beneficial to me and that I will learn as much from him as much as he can learn from me. There will be no competition. He will have all the good things to contribute to our relationship intellectually as well as emotionally. I will accept him, not because he's good in bed, but because he doesn't have to be as educated as any high-value man that he can be as education and intellect are two different things. He will certainly get some firing off the strong mentality that gives him some thoughts that make a quality conversation with me in our relationship grow. He is the one I look at over years of my life being together with whom I learned so many beautiful experiences from him as much as he does have from me. He will give me peace as I give him the same. He has a vision for himself while I'm the one who's behind him as his major support. He's consistent and patient that focuses on improving our future together. My man is open to the voluntary information and is transparent and honest with me without being asked, he'll show me everything because he has nothing to hide from me and he believes in me as I believe in him. We will learn so much from each other. There's the absence of ego in our relationship. We will bring the best to the table and therefore, no need to engage in working things out because things will just fall into the proper place calmly and securely, with no pressure as we are the best of the best, we are the amazing duo!!! Lol

If all the man is talking about is a woman's body and getting her in the bed and sexing her up, that ain't no husband conversation!

The more you understand life, the better your choices become.

You're better than all the others that have been on the smorgasbord. You're better than they'll ever have or they'll never ever get anyone either!

Gentlemen, please, be useful to a woman's life. Be good and responsible husbands and fathers, not just sweet boyfriends that want nothing but sexual conquest and sexual escapades!!! Have a break from doubt, pain, rejection, being financially broke by being used by an undeserving EXES, and stop fearing vulnerability! Have the courage to make a difference. Have a good vision in your life. !! Lol Die, honorable men! Do something to progress and become the best versions of yourselves with a good purpose and intention. You can do it!!! Just do it!!!

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Prefers to Meet Age:
39 to 45 (Strict age limits: no)
Marital Status:
Bachelors degree
Filipina / Filipino
Body Type:
A few extra pounds
140 lbs (63.5 Kg)
5' 1" (155 cm)
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Yes - at home full-time
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American Standard
Spiritual but not religious / Other
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